Michael Steele-away

Michael Steele, RNC Chairman, please, go quietly into the night!  Steele’s remarks about the Afghanistan War are, at best, STUPID!  At a time when the Democrats are cutting their own throats with rusted knives, Steele joins with Joe Barton and John Boehner by trying to wrestle away the tools of the Dems own self-destruction by opening their mouths!   Please, Republicans,  go on vacation and shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While the Barton and Boehner comments were ill-advised, the Steele comments about Afghanistan being a “war of Obama’s choosing” is just over the top in stupidity!  I agree that winning a war in Afghanistan is going to be difficult…….but, Steele’s comments (as the assumed leader of the Republican Party) are disgraceful and unforgivable!  American families are losing loved ones everyday in a far-away, screwed-up country!  Show some respect for the military, Steele!

And, be factual!  The Afghan Campaign was started under the Bush administration as America lashed out against the terrorists that brought down the Twin Towers!  It might not be a popular war now;  but, in 2002, it looked like a just war.  To denigrate the efforts of America’s finest is political suicide!

So, Michael, resign…..now!  Your service to America is no longer needed!  Write a book or make speeches!  And, Republicans, just be quiet!!  Stay underground!!  You are being presented a huge opportunity in November….don’t blow it!!


One response to “Michael Steele-away

  1. Well stated. His survival would speak volumes.

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