Comments Welcome Here!

Traffic on this little blog has increased significantly.  And, I thank you for taking the time to read my posts.  Please feel free to express your opinions, as comments, on the topics.  There are a few people who regularly comment….but, they are only a tiny fraction of those of you that visit the site.

A reminder:  Your comments are TOTALLY anonymous to me!  I have no clue who you are….the e-mail address associated with the name you choose to comment with will never be circulated.  Therefore, your e-mail address will never be known to ANYONE!

So,  join in the conversation!  Let others know  how you feel.  You may have some kindred spirits out there.   Frankly, I find the points made by others interesting; and they frequently cause me to reconsider my position.

Thanks, again, for visiting the blog…….enjoy and may every day be a great day for you!


One response to “Comments Welcome Here!

  1. Don’t think for a moment that you don’t make a difference just because we read and don’t comment. You do make a difference. There are so many trying to destroy this nation by sucking off the paps of the few that work, screaming for more war, crying crocodile tears for illegal border pillagers, and all the other nonsense and whiner-inspired programs that would destroy the greatest nation on earth. We need all the voices of reason we can get.

    No comment…

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