Let’s Negotiate with & Trust Iran!!

What is the US foreign policy towards Iran?  Well, I don’t know!  If you do, please leave a comment to inform me!  I think Obama believes we can negotiate, in good faith, with Ahmadinejad and others in Iran; and that we can reach an agreement that is worth more than the paper it is signed on!

  Let’s consider some facts about Iran:

-Last year a young woman was shot in head by Iranian security forces during a national protest of the presidential election in the capital city of Tehran.  The murder was captured on a mobile phone and transmitted around the world.

-Iran has steadfastly ignored all attempts to cease development of nuclear materials to develop a nuclear weapon in the most unsettled part of the world.

-Their president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has declared that Israel should be destroyed and swept into the Mediterranean Sea.

-A woman has been sentenced to be stoned to death for committing adultery…a crime she claims she was coerced to confess to.  She has already spent 5 years in jail and has received 99 lashes! (I wonder what happened to the man she, supposedly, had sex with!  Is his tally whacker still attached to his body?)

-Mullets are outlawed in Iran.  Sorry, Mohammad Ray Cyrus, you’ve got to cut your hair!!!!!!!!!!

I realize that cultures can vary around the world; but, come on, does the current administration really believe they can, successfully, negotiate anything with leaders that espouse these views.

I am not going to spend any more time on this post!  It is just plain nuts to think we can work with these people!  Sorry, Barack, you’ve got it wrong this time….again!



One response to “Let’s Negotiate with & Trust Iran!!

  1. Obama is not negotiating with them. He tried as he said he would, and when it did not work he implemented the stiffest sanctions against Iran in its history (which includes during the hostage crisis). While perhaps not everything he wanted, it was a lot more than those other countries that originally opposed any sanctions were willing to agree to, something the prior administration could not accomplish (please recall that without almost universal international support, sanctions have little value and with such support they only take us so far). But that said, what other options are available? War?

    As to their manner of justice, it is abhorrent by any measure. But the fact is that it differs little from that of our largest trading partner in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, or of a number of other Arab countries we now call our friends and have for at least a decade.

    Again, our world is a complex place and there are no simple solutions (e.g., North Korea, Taiwan, Yemen, Somalia). But to blame President Obama for what Bush, Clinton, Bush, and even Reagan before him could not accomplish with Iran has no basis in fact.

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