Obama’s Policies vs. Public Sentiment

As I struggle to make some sense about what is going on with our government, I am struck by the various poll numbers that show how often Obama’s agenda  is at odds with the views of the public-at-large.  In no particular order, below are issues/positions that Obama has pushed with which the American public, generally, disagrees.

-KSM Trial in NYC

-Closing GITMO (and civilian trials vs. military courts for terrorists)

-Healthcare Reform (or takeover depending our your point of view)

-Sestak Situation (something seems foul for a lot of people)

-Handling of the BP Spill

-6 month suspension of deep-water drilling

-DOJ Lawsuit against AZ’s Immigration Law

-Wall Street Bailouts (Stimulus Program, too)

-CZARS everywhere

-DOJ’s failure to investigate the Black Panther for voter intimidation

-Decline in support for Israel

-Afghanistan War Effort

-His position on the “Protest Rally” in the streets of Tehran

-NASA’s Mission to “help” the Muslim world feel good

-FinReg….which nobody understands (and nothing on Fannie & Freddie)

-Cap & Trade Legislation

-Climate Change Legislation

-His “Apology Tour” around the world

-Denying US exceptionalism

-Abuse of the reconciliation and confirmation processes to advance his agenda

I am sure you can add a few items to the list, but my brain started to hurt!  I wonder why this president seems determined to poke a stick in the eye of the voting public.  Is his personal agenda so important to him that he is willing to sacrifice his political career (re-election) in the process?  Bill Clinton faced a similar problem in the mid-90’s and made the conscious decision to move to the center to preserve his presidency.  I am reminded that there is a significant difference in their belief systems.  Clinton’s goal was to get re-elected….fulfilling his narcissistic image of himself.  Obama sees himself as a transformative figure with strong, left-wing beliefs.  Obama is a true believer in big government solutions to all problems, real or imagined.  He was schooled in radical politics…..trained by members of the SDS, and the American Socialist and Communists Parties.  Throw in Reverend Wright and what can one expect.  Obama seems to be moving more to the left since he has already lost the center……and that will work to his (and the Dems) disadvantage with independents.

We realize Obama is naive, inexperienced to govern, and lost without his teleprompter; but, is he such a political dunce that he cannot see what is happening?  Does he really care?  A friend believes that Obama knows he will be opposed in 2012 by another Democrat and he is trying to get all he can during his remaining 2+ years in office.

I am concerned that many of the Obama supporters of 2008 are in such denial about their “man” that they will still vote for him (and any Democrat) because if the do not stick with him, they must admit to themselves that they made a mistake!!  Somehow, I don’t think that is possible for a large portion of his non-minority supporters….despite the fact that many Americans believe that Obama is bent on destroying the country as we currently know it.  Call him a socialist, marxist, progressive, visionary, etc.; but, he has never been called a capitalist!

Back to the question:  Can/will Obama move more towards the center towards the majority opinion?  I tend to think not!   We’ll see!  Clinton lived and survived by the polls;  Obama will end his career by ignoring the polls.


12 responses to “Obama’s Policies vs. Public Sentiment

  1. Bob, people who think they know everything irritate the hell out of those who really do. Obama thinks he falls in this latter category.

    Obama was elected on the strength of a hope and change message.

    Obama was going to close Gitmo in one year. He didn’t.

    Obama promised unemployment rates would remain below 8% if only his $800 plus billion, earmark riddled stimulus package was passed. The current unemployment rate is 9.5%. He was wrong.

    Obamacare was passed using demonstrably false financial projections which have already been revised. Obama keeps telling us (and himself) that we will love his healthcare program once we understand it better. We don’t.

    Troops were to begin pulling out of Afghanistan in July 2011. This is highly unlikely short of complete capitulation.

    Obama supporters were filled with hope for change in January 2009. Now the majority of Americans are hoping for a change at the top in 2012.

    Obama is pursuing a very government-centric set of policies that most Americans view with skepticism if not downright hostility. In business, it is often said that you either change (improve) the man or change (replace) the man.

    There is little reason to believe that Obama will change course. He is one of the minority that still believes what he says. Most of us now recognize his rhetoric for what it is, empty.

    Obama never had the right. He has lost the center. Even the left is grousing about his (lack of) performance in office. The main stream media has noticed that Obama isn’t exactly the whiz kid they supported (covered for) in 2008 and 2009.

    We need to change the man, one way or another.

  2. I’m back! Love your comments, Freddy! Obama is “dead man walking” to 2012! America was fooled once and won’t be fooled again!

  3. Bob:

    You listen to too much Limbaugh and Hannity. Just because they say something, don’t make it true, no matter how many times they repeat it or how loud they try to shout it.


  4. Sword…disappointing! Whether or not you agree with the sentiment, it is clear Obama is on the opposite side of the public-at-large. And, who is Limbaugh or Hannity? Were they mentioned in the post? They deserve the same attention as does Keith, Rachael, and Chris…..none!

  5. They, Bob, are the ones spouting this crap. Put another way, your assertions do not hold water. It would take me too long here to rebut them one at a time, but over a beer someday soon I would be happy to do so.

    (p.s. “US exceptionalism” is a phrase coined by Limbaugh, and copied by Hannity. Same for describing his international travel as an “apology tour.”

    Check it out.

  6. Bob, apparently some of your regular followers don’t have time to cite polling data in support of or to refute some of the assertions in you blog entry. I’m here to help. I made it a point not to go to either RushLimbaugh.com or Hannity.com since their views are obviously invalid.

    Lets address your points one at a time:

    1. KSM Trial in New York City.

    By 59-36 survey respondents believe KSM should be tried in a military court (Gallup).

    2. Proposed Plans to Close Gitmo.

    By 65-32 survey respondents oppose shutting Gitmo (Gallup).

    3. Obamacare.

    By 50.7 to 42.3 survey respondents oppose Obamacare (RCP average 5/19-7/1)

    4. Sestak “Unpaid” Job Offer.

    No hard data available on this subject. Clinton has an excellent reputation for truthfulness. Who am I to question his version of this subject?

    5. Handling of the BP Oil Spill.

    By 45-35 survey repsondents disapprove of Obama’s handling of the oil spill (WWL.com (New Orleans)).

    6. Suspension of Deep Water Drilling.

    By 51-42 survey respondents favor the suspension (Huffington Post (the Left’s version of Hannity and Limbaugh)).

    7. Lawsuit – AZ Immigration Law.

    By 51-36 survey repsondents favor the AZ immigration law (NYT/CBS (also bastions of the right)).

    8. Stimulus Program.

    57% – no impact after six months
    60% – doubtful stimulus will help in years to come
    18% – view stimulus as helpful

    (USA Today/08/17/09)

    9. Czars.

    So many socialists, so few positions. I’ll skip this one.

    10. DOJ Actions in the Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case.

    Para-military uniforms and night sticks at polling places, what’s not to like?

    11. Support for Israel in U.S.

    Israelis 63/Palestinians 23 (Gallup)

    NOTE: This is a record high!

    12. The Afghanistan War.

    By 53-37 respondents disapprove of Obama’s handling of the Afghan conflict (Newsweek (another conservative rag)).

    13. Support for Iranian Protesters.

    Strong rhetorical support from Obama. Thanks.

    14. NASA and the Muslim Outreach Effort.

    No polling necessary. Simply ridiculous.

    15. Financial Regulatory Reform.

    In the House the vote was 223-202, not exactly a resounding endorsement.

    16. Cap & Trade/Climate Change/Greenhouse Gas Emission Limitations.

    Results are all over the map depending on how the questions are posed. Too complex a subject for a simple poll.

    17. Apology Tour/Denial of U.S. Exceptionalism.

    Obama has said our Country has acted arrogantly in the past. He said this on foreign soil to people who would be speaking German or Japanese if it were not for the USA. Sounds like an apology to me.

    18. Reconciliation/Confirmation Processes.

    Use of the reconciliation process, budgetary gimmicks, and outright legal bribes to recast 1/6 th of the US economy is an outrage. However, using the recess appointment process to bypass Congress during a two week recess is even worse. This appointee had not even been scheduled for a hearing by the Democrat leadership. Obama then blamed the Republicans. He lied. Dr. Berwick is a devotee of socialized medicine and rationing. Obama and the Dem’s did not want these topics covered in a high profile hearing as we near the November elections.

    Bob, quit spouting this crap. You have no basis for your assertions.


  7. Bob:

    I have a few minutes now, so here are some thoughts to consider:

    1. We are a nation of laws, not polls. Our laws call for trials, not indefinite detention. To date the Supreme Court (yes, the Roberts court) has rejected the proposed military tribunals put forth by the prior administration as unconstitutional. So what if we all would prefer to skip the whole trial thing and hang the bastard in Times Square – we, again, are a nation of laws…

    2. Even President Bush called for closing Gitmo, and for the same reasons as does President Obama – it is the number two recruiting tool for Al Qeda and its ilk, only falling short of our policies regarding allowing Israel to continue to take land not theirs in the form of illegal settlements in the West Bank.

    3. The healthcare legislation, simply using the numbers suggested above is no where near a landslide in terms of opposition. Come on – 50.7% oppose? That is barely a majority, and well within any statistical margin of error.

    4. Your posting asserts that Obama is acting contrary to public sentiment. Okay, a valid point to argue. But the Sestak matter has not been polled, so citing it does not add any support to your position.

    5. Yes, the limited poll (from New Orleans, no less, not a national poll) may show a lack of support for his efforts in the Gulf. I believe there are others. The whole nation is upset with what has happened. But when asked what else he or the federal government could have done the answer is far less forthcoming. Stop the drilling? Miraculously cap the well (with what?)? Immediately clean up the oil, gushing at nearly 60,000 barrels each day?!

    6. The suspension – the numbers don’t support your argument at all. Indeed, it is the widely held view that until steps are taken to better ensure this cannot happen again, it would be foolhardy to do anything other than impose a moratorium… on all of 33 projects!!! Out of 33,000!!!

    7. Again, we are a nation of laws, with a constitution. And for good reason…

    8. Yes, the stimulus has not been as effective as we all would like – we still remain in a recession. Just how bad would it have been had the stimulus not been enacted? How about if the millions of jobs tied to the auto industry had been eliminated with the demise of GM and Chrystler? But the poll cited above, FROM August of 2009!!! adds nothing to the argument.

    9. Czars – a preparative term coined by the talking heads. Go do some research. See how many of the same positions were appointed by Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II. The Executive Branch of our government has to have heads, like any other organization. They get titles.

    9. The Black Panther matter – again, not a point in any way connected to the topic you have posed. But that said, another creation of the idiots on the right. My favorite is their newest claim that the two individuals involved (one polling place out of tens of thousands) were there as a distraction so that ACORN could sneak in hundreds of unregistered voters and turn the election. And they make these claims with a straight face!

    11. There is a decline in support for Israel. Check the numbers. And for good reason.

    12. Of course the polls show a lack of support for how Obama is handling the Afghanistan war. A near majority want us out, and when you add to that the idiots who claimed he took too long to add troops there is a clear majority that does not support was he is doing – but for opposite reasons! As to the latter, please recall that the most important decision a president has to make is whether to send our sons and daughters into war. If he take all of ninety days, fuck those who would ever criticize him for doing so.

    13. Read what he said. Then consider what he has done since in bringing the critically necessary but reluctant other nations together in opposing the current Iranian regime. I ask you again, what else would you have him do – begin another war?

    14. Another non-issue, and again one that adds nothing to the point you are asserting to be true (i.e., that Obama has lost the support of the American people)

    15. Nearly EVERY poll shows very strong support for financial reform. That indeed is a demand of the people. That the Republicans continue to try to block such is going to be their greatest Achilles heal come the fall elections. And I find some amusement in the posting above citing that only a majority of the House supports reform as somehow now being enough…

    16. Again, this one does not support your argument. Indeed, the polls all show a widely held belief that global warming is real. The issues lie with questions of cause and if human actions are a part of the cause, what if anything should be done in the way of change. But almost universally the polls show that reductions in emissions is a good, not bad thing.

    17. Find me one statement of apology. Find me one statement where President Obama has “denied ‘American Exceptionalism.'” ( What a nice little term – note that it does not exist in the dictionary, it was made up by the talking heads – with little or no real meaning other than to maybe assert that we are better than everyone else. What a great way to make friends and create allies. Or is this the arrogance that you are referring to?)

    18. The budget reconciliation process has been around for decades. The truth is that unlike Bush, who treated both wars as “off-budget” items and never included their costs in the deficit (check it out – that’s a fact), Obama from the onset has said that kind of hide-the-ball will not occur during his administration. As to recess appointments, Bush made the following:

    A. Paul Anderson to be a Federal Maritime Commissioner August 22, 2003. [1]
    Michael J. Bartlett to be a Member of the National Labor Relations Board January 22, 2002. [2]
    Warren Bell to the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in December 2006. [3]
    Andrew G. Biggs was named to be Deputy Director of the Social Security Administration April 4, 2007.
    John R. Bolton as U.N. Ambassador in August 2005, after having been blocked by the Senate. Bolton was Bush’s 106th recess appointment. (FSRN 1 Aug ’05)
    William B. Cowen to be a Member of the National Labor Relations Board January 22, 2002. [4]
    Susan E. Dudley to be Director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) in the U.S. Office of Management and Budget on April 4, 2007.
    Eric S. Edelman as undersecretary of defense for policy to replace Douglas Feith in the No. 3 position in the Pentagon. “Democrats on the Senate Armed Services Committee led by Carl Levin of Michigan, their ranking member, stalled Edelman’s nomination to force the release of documents related to a specialized intelligence unit Feith set up before the conflict.” [5]
    Gordon R. England to be Deputy Secretary of Defense, January 4, 2006. [6]
    Alice S. Fisher to head the Criminal Division in the Department of Justice, after the “nomination stalled over tactics at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, naval facility.” [7]
    David W. Fleming to be a Member of the Board of Trustees of the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation (Public) August 22, 2003. [8]
    Peter Flory as an Assistant Secretary of Defense, after having been blocked by the Senate. [9]
    Sam Fox was named Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenifotentiary of the United States of America to Belgium on April 4, 2007.
    Cynthia A. Glassman to be a Member of the Commission of the Securities and Exchange Commission January 22, 2002. [10]
    C. Boyden Gray to be the Representative of the United States of America to the European Union, with the Rank and Status of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary January 17, 2006.
    Jay Phillip Greene to be a Member of the Board of Trustees of the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation (Academic) August 22, 2003. [11]
    Floyd Hall to be a Member of the AMTRAK Reform Board, January 4, 2006. This is the second time that Hall was appointed in a recess appointment. [12]
    Tracy A. Henke to be Executive Director of the Office of State and Local Government Coordination and Preparedness at the Department of Homeland Security. [13]
    Isacc C. Hunt, Jr. [14] to be a Member of the Commission of the Securities and Exchange Commission January 22, 2002. [15]
    JoAnn Johnson to be a Member of the Board of the National Credit Union Administration January 22, 2002. [16]
    Peter N. Kirsanow to be a Member of the National Labor Relations Board, January 4, 2006. [17]
    Charlotte A. Lane to be a Member of the United States International Trade Commission August 22, 2003. She was nominated on June 7, 2002 and again on January 9, 2003. [18]
    Robert D. Lenhard to be a Member of the Federal Election Commission, January 4, 2006. [19]
    Deborah Matz to be a Member of the Board of the National Credit Union Administration January 22, 2002.
    Ronald E. Meisburg to be General Counsel to the National Labor Relations Board, January 4, 2006. [20]
    Steven Kent Mullins to be United States Attorney for the District of South Dakota, vice James E. McMahon, January 9, 2006. [21]
    Julie L. Myers to be Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security (Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement), January 4, 2006. [22]
    Daniel Pearson to be a Member of the United States International Trade Commission August 22, 2003. He was nominated on November 14, 2002 and again on January 9, 2003. [23]
    John Richard Petrocik to be a Member of the Board of Trustees of the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation (Academic) August 22, 2003. [24]
    Charles W. Pickering, Sr. to Federal Appeals Court January 17, 2004, from which he had been blocked twice by the Senate. [25][26]
    Daniel Pipes to be a Member of the Board of Directors of the United States Institute of Peace August 22, 2003. [27]
    Benjamin A. Powell to be General Counsel of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, January 4, 2006. [28]
    Anthony J. Principi as chairman of the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission, as well as eight members of the Commission, April 1, 2005.
    William H. Pryor, Jr. to 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals February 20, 2004, “in the face of a Democratic filibuster of the nomination.” [29][30]
    Otto Juan Reich to Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs January 11, 2002. [31]
    Ellen R. Sauerbrey to be Assistant Secretary of State (Population, Refugees, and Migration), January 4, 2006. [32]
    Eugene Scalia to Solicitor of Labor in the U.S. Department of Labor January 11, 2002.
    Peter C. Schaumber to be a Member of the National Labor Relations Board, for the remainder of a five-year term expiring on August 27, 2010. [33]
    Dorrance Smith to be Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, January 4, 2006. [34]
    Enrique J. Sosa to be a Member of the AMTRAK Reform Board, January 4, 2006. This is the second time that Sosa was appointed in a recess appointment. [35]
    Michael E. Toner to be a Member of the Federal Election Commission March 29, 2002, for the remainder of a term expiring April 30, 2007; first announced November 21, 2001, and nomination sent to Senate March 4, 2002. [36]
    Juanita Alicia Vasquez-Gardner to be a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation. She was nominated on July 24, 2002 and again on January 9, 2003. [37]
    Hans von Spakovsky to be a Member of the Federal Election Commission, January 4, 2006. [38]
    Dennis P. Walsh to be a Member of the National Labor Relations Board, January 17, 2006.
    Steven T. Walther to be a Member of the Federal Election Commission, January 4, 2006. [39]
    John Paul Woodley, Jr. to be an Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) August 22, 2003. [40]

    Regarding Dr. Berwick, it is correct that the Democratic leadership of the Senate had scheduled no vote on his nomination. What the poster above omits is the fact that a “hold” was placed on the nomination by a Republican Senator, thus effectively blocking any such vote. As to his being a devotee of socialized medicine and rationing (both of which exist today (e.g., 50% of the populace gets their health care coverage from a government insurance program including Medicare, Medicaid, VA, CHIPS, and rationing exists as a result of those with get, and those without don’t), that is an absolute distortion of his record and public statements. And guess who is one of his biggest supporters? The person President Bush appointed to the very same position.

    Bob, clearly President Obama does not have 100% percent support from the country, or even a wide majority. What president ever has. Indeed, in today’s 24/7 talking head environment of so called news, who could? Add to that challenges like no president has ever faced before (e.g, two simultaneous wars; an ongoing battle against modern terrorism; a economic collapse inherited at the onset of his administration; etc.) and what the hell can you expect?

    Put another way, your formulated position that President Obama policies do not enjoy the support of the American people in part may be true. That should be no surprise to anyone. But the list you pose in support does not.

  8. A correction to the above:

    There was no hold yet placed on the Berwick appointment. However, there were several senators expected to place such a hold or to otherwise impede the appointment from coming to a vote, hence a decision to move forward with filling this critical position now rather than leave it vacant any longer as has been the case for numerous other appointments similarly held up. Other than from those wanting to use his appointment as a political wedge, however, he enjoys very strong support, including support from those appointed by the prior republican administration to the same post.

  9. Obviously we are never going to agree on several of the points cited in Bob’s blog entry. However, I will state my opinion since polling is apparently no longer sufficient to demonstrate to you that a majority of Americans have lost confidence in Obama’s leadership.

    A Nation of Laws/Gitmo.

    Indefinite detention of enemy combatants is controversial. American citizens should clearly be granted swift trials. Providing fresh tunics to suspected foreign terrorists and sending them home to fight again makes no sense to me.


    The majority of America opposed Obamacare but that is not the critical point. This legislation was sold using false financial projections. Unrelated items were included to balance the books. Benefits were postponed and assumed revenue streams were accelerated. Special deals were offered to bribe senators to support the bill.

    The super majority requirement in the senate was put in place for a reason. Abusing this process to reshape over 16% of our economy is wrong.


    Sestak has remained silent. Clinton and Obama lied. My opinion.

    The BP Oil Spill/Deep Water Drilling Moratorium.

    Yesterday was day 80. Some of the help that was available basically from day one is finally being accepted. It would be nice for once if Obama were to decide what the right thing to do is and do it. Instead he consistently weighs the political and special interest ramifications of problems before taking action. Environmentalist and union boss needs must be considered before any regulations are waived or help is accepted.

    The moratorium was a knee jerk reaction to an exceptional situation. Such failure avoidance actions are typical of governmental entities. That is one reason why government operations often exceed budget and miss deadlines. Success oriented solutions solve problems in terms of the problem. Fix the problem we know exists and write new regulations once we know what the problems were.

    AZ Immigration Law.

    The AZ law mirrors Federal law. We are only a nation of laws if the laws are enforced.

    Stimulus Program.

    Ineffective, wasteful, damaging, counterproductive, foolish… Poorly run companies like GM and Chrylser have been propped up by confiscating funds from bond holders and extending sweetheart loans. Lavish union contracts were protected. Bond holders got the short end of the stick. That may be the way things are done in Russia but not America.

    Saving jobs is a bogus concept when it is accomplished by redirecting funds from other sources. There is no expectation that the states and municipalities receiving stimulus monies are going to pay the money back. TARP funds are subject to repayment.

    Many state and local governments remain in dire straits. Stimulus funds have only postponed the inevitable.


    I agree that there are always going to be political appointees with significant responsibilities. The problem with some of Obama’s appointees is the baggage they bring. Some have communist and socialist ties. Check out the backgrounds of Jarrett, Sunstein, Browner, Holdren, and Brooks. Each and every one have socialist ties.

    Black Panther Case.

    If you are not troubled by voter intimidation using night sticks and para-military uniforms, you were born too late and in the wrong country.

    Support for Israel.

    I stand by the poll data I referenced. Support for Israel versus the Palestinians is at an all time high. Please cite the statistics supporting your position.

    The Afghanistan War.

    Sons and daughters are already in Afghanistan. Community organizer or four star general…Washington D.C. or Afghanistan…I’ll go with the latter in both cases. The delay was political.

    Global Warming.

    We can’t settle this one. It can be argued square or round. Unless things change they stay the same. My argument is with the global warming whores like Al “Sex Poodle” Gore.

    American Exceptionalism.

    During the European meeting of the G20, Obama was asked if he believed in the notion of American exceptionalism. He said the he does to the same extent that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism. I read this to mean, no.

    Budget Reconciliation.

    Reconciliation has never been used for major legislation in the past. I agree that the war funding during the Bush years was outside the normal budget process. However, Bush had Democrat support for the war efforts. Obama pushed through Obamacare without bipartisan support (I believe Chu rescinded his original vote).

    Recess Appointments.

    Recess appointments are typically used to fill key positions that are being held up for an extended period of time. Obama nominated Berwick in April and the Democrat leadership had not yet scheduled a confimation hearing on his appointment. Lets be intellectually honest here. Obama took this action to avoid exposing Berwick’s controversial speeches, writings, and beliefs regarding socialized medicine, wealth redistribution, and health care rationing.

    Obama has lost the confidence of the majority of Americans. To date he has been ideological and ineffective. I want the problems we face solved. I have little hope that Obama is capable of turning this ship around.

    I am confident that the market and economic worms will turn. I’m equally confident Obama will be right there to take the credit or deflect the blame if the trunaround is delayed.

  10. Democracy Corps is a firm run by Clinton-era Democrat strategists, James Carville and Stanley Greenberg. Their latest poll finds that 55% of likely voters believe “socialist” is an accurate label for Obama. This same poll shows that 56% of likely voters view Obama as too liberal. The poll also indicates likely voters prefer Republicans over Democrats by 48-42 per cent based upon a generic ballot.

    I’m not sure but I think this is not good news for Obama and his supporters. No wonder the not welcome sign is up in many districts currently held by Democrats. Ours is still a center-right Country. Obama and his policies have only served to solidify this fact.

  11. One simple question: What happened to Obama’s campaign pledge for meaningful change in the way Washington works and his pledge of transparency?

  12. Obama is just a politician…….we should not expected him to be any different than his predecessors. Just a politician…not a very good one, either! America choose to ignore all the warning signs….now we are beginning to pay the high price of socialism and radicalism.

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