Bad News for Incumbents & Obama

The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that 58% have “none or just some” faith in President Obama to make good decisions.  Not surprisingly, 68% lack faith in the Democrats and 72% lack faith in the Republicans.  I would conclude from this poll that America has lost faith in elected officials on the whole.  This does not bode well for incumbents in November….eventhough, normally incumbents, more frequently than not, win re-election easily.

Messages are being sent to all politicians.  Americans are sick of the bickering and, what is perceived as, a lack of  action on critical issues.  It is going to be very interesting this fall.  The Senate races in California, Florida, and Nevada are too close to call now.  And, the governor’s race in California is very tight!  Will the frustration evident in polls translate to the ballot box?  If it does, incumbents are in for a rude awakening!  For me, it is time for politicians to remember who they represent!  I hope the turnover is large!

Poll: 6 in 10 Americans Lack Faith in Obama.  Click to read more!

2010….Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!

4 responses to “Bad News for Incumbents & Obama

  1. I think you missed the real point of the story. Seems to me the headline should read like this:

    “Obama Leads Republicans by 14% in Support from the Country!”


    “By a Double Digit Margin of 14% American’s have more faith in Obama than in Republicans!”

  2. Or as Fox will report it:

    Americans Favor Socialist by 14% over Republicans!
    Glen Beck announces he is moving to Sweden!

  3. Swordfish, you should apply for the job I’m confident Robert Gibbs will eventually lose. You spin better than Gibbs does.

    You know full well that comparing the approval ratings of either group of Congressmen and the approval rating of Obama is a false comparison. Obama is viewed negatively by almost 60% of Americans. Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress are viewed negatively to varying degrees. However, these approval/disapproval ratings are determined relative to one another. Obama has lost public support on his own by pursuing policies that most Americans oppose.

    I hope the rest of your fellow Obama kool aid drinkers are as much in denial as your postings indicate you are. Obama faces an ever growing credibility crisis. It is difficult to change the minds of people that no longer believe you.

    Face it. You fell for a storyline that has proved untrue. Obama has gone from “hope and change” to hopeless and clueless in the minds of most Americans.

  4. Reid sounded like a complete moron at the Liberal Bloggers convention in Vegas on 7/24! Angle must be an even bigger moron for not being 20 points ahead of Reid for the Senate race. I think I am having a conniption fit!!!!!!!!

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