The Dems’ Circular Firing Squad

Recent polls from ABC, CBS, Rasmussen, and the Washington Post reveal that Americans are becoming increasingly disenchanted with President Obama and the Democratic leadership.  The trends continue their downward spiral…..making the Republican path to the mid-term elections look like the yellow brick road.  Obama’s popularity began to decline with the process of and the passage of Obamacare….and has continued as the economy sputters with unemployment rates at or above 9.5%.

To make matters worse (and among other issues too numerous to mention here), Obama has been criticized for the BP Disaster response and the offshore drilling moratorium.  Then, along comes the DOJ lawsuit against the state of Arizona, the Black Panther controversy, and Press Secretary Robert Gibb’s acknowledgement that the House is “in play.”  Now, there is infighting among party faithful. It has been a bad, bad couple of months for the Democrats.

Obama’s inability to test the political winds will be his downfall….and his bubble of ideology is about to get a pin stuck into it!   He doesn’t care about the will of the populus! Instead of putting up a finger to catch the direction of the breeze, he is pushing his middle finger up to America…and steaming ahead.  The American middle just doesn’t get his persistence in chasing his dream-like agenda.  Yet, he continues to push with all his might.  To use Freddy’s phrase, Obama is “pushing a rope!”

The circle is forming!  The rifles are loaded and ready to go!  And, the Obama team is circling the wagons nicely.  The only problem is that they are aiming across the circle…not outside.  And there will be casualties in November!

Ready!  Aim!  Fire!

2010…Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!


One response to “The Dems’ Circular Firing Squad

  1. Let’s hope the Republicans don’t shoot themselves in the foot! They don’t need any more gaffs from Barton, Boehner, on someone else. Head down and eye on the ball!

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