Messianic Zeal – A Guest Commentary on Obama

Webster’s Dictionary defines, Messiah, as the expected king, a professed or accepted leader of a cause.  Zeal is defined as an ardent interest in the pursuit of something.  Put these two words together and we have a guest contributor’s take on President Obama.

Messianic Zeal:  Explaining the Counter Intuitive Actions of Barack Obama 

The messiah complex is a state of mind in which an individual believes that he is destined to become a savior.  A savior is someone who saves, rescues, or delivers.  Typically recognition of an individual as a savior is an article of faith.  Once faith of the followers is lost, so is savior-hood.

Barack Obama is pursuing many unpopular policies with a messianic zeal.  The stimulus program and Obamacare were passed almost solely with Democrat votes.  Polls indicate the American people are against these laws.  Cap and trade, “comprehensive” immigration reform (amnesty for illegals), and card check are examples of other Obama agenda items that do not enjoy the support of most Americans.

Most politicians try to determine the will of the people and get to the popular positions before the public does.  If the will of the people changes, the typical politician will change like a reed in the wind.  This is the surest way to get reelected.  Bill Clinton is the most obvious example.  He was credited with the ability to compartmentalize.  This meant he believed whatever he had to say, when he was saying it, even if he was not telling the truth.  Paraphrasing Bob Kerrey, the former senator from Nebraska, Clinton is a very accomplished liar.  Clinton’s core beliefs were in himself.

Barack Obama is a very different kind of politician.  He is a true believer.  Obama cut his political teeth working with a wide range of radical left-wing groups.

Examples abound.  Despite his protestations to the contrary, Obama worked with the former Weatherman domestic terrorist Bill Ayers as early as June 1988.  Obama chaired the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), a self-styled school reform organization.  Ayers served on the five person committee that selected Obama.   During Obama’s tenure, CAC grant money went to ACORN.  The CAC also provided $600,000 to an Ayers founded organization run by Mike Klonsky, former leader of the Marxist-Leninist   Communist Party.  Obama also worked with Ayers on other projects including funneling funds through the Woods Fund to the Arab American Action Network, an anti-Israel group.   Obama and Ayers both served on the board of the Woods Fund, a nonprofit organization that helps the disadvantaged.  Of course, as we were told by candidate Obama, Ayers is just a guy from his neighborhood.

Black liberation theology as taught at the Trinity United Church of Christ is another of the radical influences on Obama.  Although Obama attended the church for two decades, he fortunately was absent when Reverend Jeremiah Wright went on his infamous anti-USA rants.  Black liberation theology condemns Christian practices that are not very liberal and liberation-focused.

Obama had ties to the now defunct New Party, a U.S. socialist party active between 1992 and 1998.  The goal of the New Party was to get people elected that would move the Democratic Party leftward toward a socialist agenda.   Although it has not been proved (or disproved) that Obama was an actual member of the New Party, he did receive the New Party endorsement when he ran for Illinois State Senate in 1996.

Entire books have been written about Obama’s ties to radical, left-wing organizations.  The examples cited here are but a sampling.  Obama’s beliefs and the legislation he has proposed are predicated upon his experiences working with a wide range of radical groups and individuals.  These groups have played an active role in crafting the now infamous stimulus package, Obamacare, and other legislative accomplishments of the Obama Administration.

Speakers tell you what they are going to tell you; they tell you what they have to say; and, they tell you what they told you.  Obama clearly stated his intentions during the 2008 campaign.  Over half the voters bought in to what he was saying.  Obama is pursuing his agenda vigorously even to his own political detriment.  Like others with a messianic complex, he thinks that if you disagree with him you are either stupid or are not listening.

Public support for Obama and his policies is waning.  Obama’s actions match his rhetoric but the results of his actions have fallen significantly short of expectations.  Yet he forges ahead undeterred.  Have faith at your own risk.  We need a political savior.  The one elected in 2008 is failing.

An apt description?  Definitely!


One response to “Messianic Zeal – A Guest Commentary on Obama

  1. Well stated…Obama is trouble for America. He thinks he is the chosen one to lead us to become a more socialist society. People should be dismayed by his leadership and agenda. What are people thinking? He is definitely not in tune with the majority of America….and doesn’t care!

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