What are the Republican Strategies?

Assuming you read this blog on a regular basis, it will be no surprise that I am an anti-Obama independent.  I want to believe the polls that show that the American public is getting pretty fed up with the Democrats controlling the Congress and the White House.  But, I cannot honestly articulate the Republican’s specific strategy on healthcare, the economy, immigration, or anything else!  Can you?

While I would like to believe the polls, in general, I am concerned that Senator Harry Reid, a guy who was left for dead two months ago, now has a 7 point lead over Sharron Angle in Nevada.  And, Senator Barbara Boxer is now comfortably ahead of Carly Fiorina  in California after being behind in the senate race.  It seems that the Republicans have lost their mojo at the wrong time!

So, what are the Republican strategies?  Let’s see.  On healthcare, it seems to me that they believe the existing system would be just fine if the government would move against fraudulent claims, aggressively, and enact more tort reform.  I am not sure that is much of an answer to the exploding healthcare needs in America.  It is a very complicated situation with millions without insurance and a medicare system that has more demands simply because people are living longer than  ever before.  Got an answer, Rep. Boehner?

Regards the economy, the Repubs seem to think that extending the Bush tax cuts will be stimulus enough to drag consumers back to the stores; and manufacturing will provide the jobs to produce the products Americans consume.  Not sure about that one, either.  Surely, any comprehensive economic plan must go beyond renewing the Bush tax cuts!

Immigration is a vastly complex situation.  The government has turned a blind eye to illegals for 15 or more years because we wanted their cheap labor to take jobs in the fields, construction, and service industries that most Americans disdain.  It seems blatantly unfair to just send them all back across the border!  But, it seems also blatantly unfair to grant amnesty to all of those here without a way to control who comes and goes at the border in the future.  Any ideas, Senator McConnell?  No, didn’t think so!

By the way, let’s talk about those pesky wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Let’s not talk about the Israeli thing…too messy!) Do we stay or do we go?  What is success, anyway?  If we catch a 6′ 5″ arab terrorist attached to a dialysis machine, is it over?  Do we help Afghanistan learn to grow wheat instead of poppy?   Oops, almost forgot about North Korea and Iran?  So many questions!

Oh, shucks, what about that little budget problem American has!  A $14 TRILLION national debt…..and growing every second of every day!   Over $1.5 TRILLION in current budget deficits!  My, my, my!

We know Americans are pissed and fearful for their personal safety and the direction the country seems to be moving.  Our king, Obama, has laid out a course of action that is undeniable and clear…and many Americans don’t favor his direction.  But, do the Republicans have an alternative strategy?  If so, now would be a damn good time to drag it out!  It seems that the Republican strategy is to depend on the Tea Party Movement and Palin to stir the pot, make life miserable for Obama, and just sit on the sideline…hoping that Obama will do himself in!  Well, that ain’t gonna’ work!  Obama’s circle of cronies are too damn smart, too conniving, and have too much money!  They can spin anything!  Chicken crap into chicken salad…no problem!  They will not self-destruct….they need a little help. 

So, Republican leadership, whomever you are, get out there and let America know what you stand for!  If you don’t, Biden might be right for once…everything is “rosy” for the Democrats in November!  Are the Repubs are just the “Party of No!”…or is there some substance after all?  The time has come to show some cards….the game is on! 



2 responses to “What are the Republican Strategies?

  1. No doubt that the republicans are likely to make a mess of their opportunity. This is like a bird’s nest on the ground and they can’t seem to get their act together. If they blow this opportunity by letting Sarah dominate the headlines, they will be making a big mistake. Romney cannot come up for air because he has Mass. healthcare hung around his neck! Huckabee is just a fat TV personality! Jindal has oil on his face! Scott Brown is a turncoat. And, Gingrich has too much baggage! Looks to me like the republicans are in the circular firing squad, too! Maybe Christi will come forward in 2012!

  2. I agree that the Republicans you cite each have their own hurdles to overcome. I’d bet on some of the Republican governors and former governors like Daniels of Indiana, Christie of New Jersey, Pawlenty of Minnesota, and Bush of Florida (probably a tough sale due to his name).

    Romney might make a good Secretary of Commerce. Palin might serve as Secretary of Energy. Gingrich would be a good senior policy advisor.

    Lets take Congress then focus on 2012, as Bob has repeatedly suggested.

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