The Manchurian President (Obama)

I have just begun reading the book, The Manchurian President, by Aaron Klein.  After pouring through the Introduction and the first two chapters (“Obama Tied to Bill Ayers…at age 11” and “Unmasking the Mysterious College Years,” respectively), I urge each of you to run to your local bookstore and purchase this book.

The book is tedious reading, in some parts, with hundreds of footnotes validating the thesis of the author.  But, it is an eye-opening expose of Obama’s rise to prominence and the influences in his early life.  I am sure that Klein embellished the text to serve his purposes….nevertheless, some very important questions are raised by the author.

Kick back, read a chapter or two each day, and pass it along to your friends.  You will be impressed with the thoroughness of this book.  It makes it a little easier to understand why Obama is the way he is! And, decide for yourself whether or not Obama and his associates represent a threat to the American way of life!


2 responses to “The Manchurian President (Obama)

  1. I read this book 6 months ago and I still can’t understand why America has not demanded the impeachment of this man. He is truly the most divisive president in history. Left alone, he, singularly, will bring America to its knees! And all of his handlers (Soros, Ayers, etc.) will be happy! It is a shame! We know less about him than any president in the past! But, now we can see what he is all about. Don’t make the same mistake again!

  2. I read the book, too. Obama and many of the people around him are radical leftists. The book outlines in excruciating detail Obama’s ties to socialists, marxists, and communists. Nancy P. and Harry R. are right-wingers compared to some of Obama’s advisors. Don’t take my word for it. Read Klein’s book.

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