Unemployment Insurance Extension – Permission to Loaf

Yes, I know what some of you think !  But, I must be some horrible person for not wanting to increase the federal budget deficit!  I am not against unemployment insurance; but, I am against incentivizing people to stay home and not make a CONCERTED effort to find suitable employment (not necessarily the exact job they had).

I have always believed that those who collect welfare payments and are physically able to work (not incumbered by overwhelming family or personal heath issues) should be required to work for their welfare checks.  Pick up trash on the highway!  Clean up public parks, buildings, and schools.  Be required to report to a work location EVERY day to get your check!  Why not apply that logic to the folks collecting unemployment insurance?  They could perform worthwhile services to the government (TAXPAYERS) that are supporting them!  You can bet your bottom dollar that if they were required to work to collect their checks, most of them would find a better job in less than 30 days!  (They might even displace some illegal immigrants who would go back to their home country….a fall-out benefit.)

I wonder how many people collecting unemployment insurance are just sucking off the government teat!  What is their motivation to get off the sofa and really seek a job?  I contend that a portion (how large I don’t know…maybe 25% +/-) just don’t put in the time to find a job that will get them off the government (TAXPAYER) dole!  And, now the government (TAXPAYERS) will gladly pay out almost TWO years of benefits thanks to the Obama administration!

The Republicans were unfairly labeled as “heartless” for opposing the extension of benefits.  The fact is:  Republicans supported the extension IF the Obama administration would use TARP funds or cut the budget via PAYGO….(which was Obama’s justification the last time benefits were extended).  But, the White House spin has labeled the conservatives as heartless instead!

It is easy to understand Obama’s motives.  He does not care about the unemployed collecting unemployment insurance benefits.  The ONLY reason he is pushing this agenda is to secure votes for the Dems in November; and to paint the Republicans as obstructionists.   It is all about pandering to the entitlement society he, so desperately, wants to enlarge.  The DOJ lawsuit against AZ immigration law is motivated by the same entitlement mentality!  It is all about getting votes!  The hell with what is right for the country or the populus opinion!

Remember TAXPAYING Americans, you are paying the bills for Obama!  If you don’t like it, then get off your duff, call your congressman to complain, and get out to vote in November!



2 responses to “Unemployment Insurance Extension – Permission to Loaf

  1. The extension of unemployment benefits was a two-fer for Obama. He tarred the Republicans as heartless for resisting the extension unless offsetting budget cuts were enacted. Obama also effectively increased stimulus spending above already approved levels.

    The unemployed are pawns on a political chessboard. Compassionate liberalism for short term gain or principled conservatism for longer term benefit, either way the unemployment rate is still over 9.5% and unlikely to be reduced in the near term unless the Country changes course. We must oust Obama and his enablers.

  2. Agree…totally! More Obama pay-off! When is it going to stop? Come on, November! Let’s neutralize this rabid socialist!

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