Charlie Rangel’s War

Charlie will wrangle for a deal with the House Ethics Committee in the coming weeks because nobody wants to see this embarrassing scenario play out in the public arena.  The problem for him is that he should have just gone quietly before it got to this point.  Now, he has poked a stick at a snake and the Ethics Subcommittee will have to approve his “deal” if he can get one. Charlie will probably be allowed to fess up to a couple of minor infractions and then resign into his generous pension (that we, the taxpayers, have provided for him).

I can spare you the boring reading of the 40 page complaint by just revealing that Charlie failed to report income on an apartment in NYC, property in Punta Cana, and stock transactions….totaling ~$600,000!  Furthermore, he is accused of  “dispensing of special favors” in his capacity as chair of the powerful House Ways & Means Committee….the folks that oversee our tax code! Pelosi suppressed this issue for a long time!  I wonder if she questions her judgement now?  Stupid question…Nancy never regrets anything!

If there ever was a poster child for Congressional Term Limits, it would be Charles Rangel!  Of course, there are so many candidates…DeLay, Dodd, etc., etc.



One response to “Charlie Rangel’s War

  1. Rangel is typical of congress….pampered and entitled! He should be heading to jail; not a cushy retirement! That’s government for you! A bunch of hypocrites!!!!!

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