Obama – Rush to Judgement

One of the most troubling things about Obama is his administration’s “rush to judgement” on issues that should require thought and thoroughness prior to decision.  Call them knee-jerk reactions! Or jumping to conclusions!  Whatever!  Regardless, Obama has shown a disturbing pattern of making decisions without sufficient facts to back-up the decision.  We all remember the “beer summit”  when Barack & Joe hosted Cambridge police officer Crowley  and local homeowner Gates.  What a pathetic rush to judgement that fiasco was!  It would take gallons of beer to forget that sad episode.

Now, in the past two weeks, Obama has rushed to judgement on Shirley Sherrod’s dismissal from the USDA (another cluster-mess) and invited a confessed prescription drug offender (Leslie Macko of Charlottesville, Va.) to come to the White House and become the face of the unemployment benefits extension. 

In all three of the cases, a little vetting by the most powerful office in the world should have come to totally different conclusions.  The real question is:  How can we trust Obama to make decisions on the economy, foreign relations, Afghanistan, unemployment, etc., when his office cannot even detect a person who admits to prescription drug fraud?  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are almost 15,000,000 unemployed people in the US…..and Obama picked a person who confessed to prescription drug fraud!!  In my view, she should not be eligible for unemployment benefits….period!

Lots of Americans disagree with Obama’s policies….that is nothing unusual because about half of the country will always disagree with the party in power.  But, there is a HUGE difference between disagreeing and fearing that your POTUS will make decisions without taking the time to collect all the facts before making what may turn out to be a poor snap-decision that must be reversed…or, at a minimum, will become an embarrassment to the country.  (Yes, Bush used to bad intel to justify Iraq…but, at least, he took the time to collect the data….incorrect as it was.)

America is becoming disillusioned, divided, and fearful under the Obama administration.  And, we have at least  2 more years of Obama’s governance to worry about.

P.S.  Oh, yeah, I forgot he also threw Rangel under the bus, too!  He should have given the Pelosi answer when asked about Charlie!


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