Unemployment & Obama

Today, the feds announced that the unemployment rate was unchanged in July and remained at 9.5%  What Obama didn’t tell us is that the “underemployment” rate (people who are looking for full-time jobs) is 16.5%!  Currently, there 14,600,000 people looking for work in America!  To make matters worse, it is estimated that 8,400,000 jobs have been permanently lost in our economy in the past two years. 

Obama says, “Progress needs to come faster!”  Well, Mr. Obama, what is your administration going to do?  Obama is planning to raise taxes (by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire) on Jan. 1, 2011!  That will hurt businesses and more jobs will be lost.  In addition, by taking money out of consumers pockets’ less money will be spent and more jobs will do down the tubes!

The spectre of unpopular healthcare reform  has businesses scratching their heads wondering how much that will cost!  The FinReg debacle has not been written yet; but you can be sure it will kick more jobs to the sideline.  And, we continue to spend money to prop up the unions (teachers & state government workers) with billions from Congress!  At a time when our budget deficit is $1,800,000,000 and the nation’s debt is approaching $14,000,000,000, his Congress continues to spend!

This administration does not to seem to have a clue what it is doing!  He touted his “stimulus package” as the action that would keep unemployment under 8%!  That effort has been an expensive and complete failure! No wonder his approval rating is so low!  It makes one wonder if he has America’s best interests at heart.  His actions (knee-jerk or not) cause one to wonder if destroying America is his real agenda.   There is little doubt he has been a terrible president.  He refuses to listen to the populus and has steadily progressed his far-left philosophy.  As an American, you should be worried sick about where this country is heading!



4 responses to “Unemployment & Obama

  1. Obama is a true socialist/marxist. I like you believe that his plan is to ruin this country. Every decision he makes proves the point that he is an idealogue! I wish someone had the grit to call for his impeachment. He is out to kill America!

  2. Agree with wily…but no need to impeach him. The mid-terms will get the Spendocrats. And we will get the socialist in 2012! Bring back Bush!

  3. Bring back Bush! Are you crazy! This is a Tea Party blog with a bunch of right wing nuts! This is not Barack’s fault.

  4. Lacie…..you are entitled to your opinion. But, do you know which party has controlled Congress since 2006? Do you know which congressmen denied that Freddie and Fannie had problems? The Dems share just as much blame as the Bush Admin. Problem is that Obama has no solutions…no experience…no leadership! A bad situation!

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