Are You Having Fun on Michelle’s Vacation?

Seems like America does not have enough attractions to lure Michelle Obama to vacation in the states.  She chooses, instead, to visit Spain, traveling on Air Force II (at $11, 531 per hour) with a 60 person security squad (each with a $223 daily per diem) and hobnobbing with the  Spaniards.  Of course, she has taken friends and the entourage requires 60-70 hotel rooms each night.  And, she isn’t staying at the Spanish equivalent of the Days Inn; but at 5-star resorts like Costa Del Sol in southern Spain. The total cost of the trip will exceed $1.5 million.

All this comes at a time when the jobless rate in America is 9.5%, the economy is struggling, the deficit is increasing daily, and most Americans cannot afford a week-end trip to a neighboring town….much less an extravagant trip to a foreign land!  I wonder if anyone on the White House staff had the snap to suggest that a vacation in the good, old USA would be a better idea? If the economy was booming, unemployment was a more modest 4.5%, and Americans were positive about the future, then this trip would have gotten less scrutiny!  But, the economy is not booming…and the outlook is not good!

This is another example of how insensitive the Obama administration is towards the realities of today.  They seem to take every opportunity to choose to ignore public opinion and perception…..full steam ahead on their personal agenda and plans!!!  No wonder the mid-terms elections look so dim for the Democrats!

I generally agree that families of politicians should be off-limits.  But, this just seems to be a little too blatant to me.  Oh, well, I hope she has fun!  Maybe, after 2012, she and Barack can travel extensively….on their own dime!  Let’s hope so, any way!

2010 & 2012…Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!


2 responses to “Are You Having Fun on Michelle’s Vacation?

  1. In my profession I see many people who are truly hurting from the lack of jobs. The Obamas don’t seen to ‘get it’. Insensitive people usually get their just desserts. Can’t wait to vote.

  2. atlanticwaters…couldn’t agree more! I just hope that America doesn’t sit on their butts in November. We need a change of! Voter complacency could be a problem. It’s time to stand up and be counted!

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