Kids – We’ve Got ‘Em!

Jane and I are blessed to have a blended family of 3 daughters and 1 son.  Their ages and personalities vary greatly; but they all have several things in common!  They are all healthy, happy, successful, and, most importantly, good people.

The oldest daughter is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin College in Texas and is a social worker at University of Texas Medical Branch (a teaching hospital) in Galveston, Texas.  She interacts on a daily basis with indigent and/or those without the means that most of us take for granted.  The stories she tells about her “clients” are both humorous and sad!  They are a slice of America that most of us know nothing about…people with real needs and issues!  A few are repeat abusers of the welfare/subsidy programs that we, as taxpayers, pay for everyday.  Others are just down on their luck and need a helping hand to get through a difficult period.  Nancy is always of good cheer and does a fantastic job of balancing the needs of the patient while safeguarding the taxpayers money that she disbursed.  And, she can tell stories, with appropriate accents and phraseology, that will leave you laughing hysterically!

Carter, the second oldest, is a senior executive with a business consulting firm in Reno, Nevada; and has the good fortune to be able to travel to Europe and, most recently to Australia,  as part of her portfolio of responsibilities.  She and her husband have  our only grand-son; and they are avid campers, mountain-climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts.  Reno is a great place for them to live since there are many National Parks and many lakes for them to visit.  She is an Aggie (Texas A&M) and worked for a major oil company before leaving for her current job so she could settle in an area that they love.

Daughter number 3, Lynn, is a senior at the University of Texas in Austin, has a 3.9 gpa (smarty-pants) and is currently in Hawaii studying the mating habits of Damsel flies!!!  Well, that is her excuse, anyway!  She keeps us up-to-date with her daily blog that always features pictures of her and her friends at various beaches on Kauai!   Her only inconvenience is an out-door toilet that they share with a large cane spider (who is nick-named Michael Caine)!  Ugh! Lots of pictures of her on surfboards and boogie boards!  Seems like a tough, nasty job, but somebody has to do it!!

Leigh, Jane’s son, is also a student at UT-Austin and has spent his summer cruising the Gulf of Mexico on a 64′ fishing boat and working as a mate for the company that owns the boat.  They are recreational fishermen who participate in deep-water, off-shore tournaments.  In a recent tournament, they almost landed a blue marlin that would have been worth $300,000; but, unfortunately, he slipped the hook as they tried to get him on the boat.  Of course, that was a bad day!  But, overall, another tough life….particularily since Leigh loves the water and fishing; and gets paid generously for spending his time at his favorite past-time.

What is the point of this post?  Well, I just wanted to share a little about our family.  And, I hope you are as lucky as we are to have such great kids!   That is not to say that there are never conflicts or issues, but, on balance, they have added immeasurable joy to our lives.  Here’s to family and the joys that they bring!


4 responses to “Kids – We’ve Got ‘Em!

  1. An excellent post.

  2. Glad to see you have surfaced!

  3. What a blessing to have children, inlaws, grandchildren and to be a part of a loving family. I, too, am blessed in such a way.

  4. Great parents make great kids 🙂

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