Obama’s Hearts & Minds – My Ass!

Much has been written about Obama’s “hearts and minds” strategy in dealing with the war in Afghanistan and the debate about Iran.  It’s hard to believe you can win the “hearts and minds” of a culture that will execute 10 innocent aid workers, behead their enemies, and terrorize and murder poverty-striken villagers!    These people believe in stoning !!  Just as Lyndon Johnsons’ strategy failed in Vietnam, we are doomed to ultimate failure in Afghanistan.  Fanatical zealots do not have a heart, mind, or soul to win over.  Hatred, violence, and terrorism is all they can comprehend!

America cannot be in the “nation building” business in Afghanistan (or Pakistan or Iraq)!  These fanatics are against Christianity,  America, and anything outside their twisted beliefs.  There is no compromise!!  No negotiation!  America must fight, with purpose, to defeat & kill these maniacs; or pack up our crap and come home!   Make a decision!   Stop wasting American lives with policies that are indecisive!  Come on!!!!


3 responses to “Obama’s Hearts & Minds – My Ass!

  1. I feel your passion. I watched my buddies die in the dust bowl. We need to nuke ’em or come home! There is no middle ground…kill or be killed!

  2. Note that this strategy, while accepted by Obama, was in fact developed and implemented first by McCrystal (in Iraq) and has been fully adopted by his successor, General Petraeus. It is counter insurgency, with a view towards not making us more the enemy than as invaders we already are perceived to be by avoiding civilian casualties. How in the world that can happen when there is no real distinction between the “army” we fight and the civilians we seek to protect is beyond me.

    If history has taught us anything about Afghanistan (and any country so religiously fanatical for that matter) it is that no outsiders can ever change the people within. Biden was right – we need to get out.

  3. God forbid Afganistan or Iran getting nuclear power with the ability to deliver it to our shores. The USA and its citizens are its target.

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