Angle vs. Reid – Pathetic Choices!

I feel sorry for the voters in Nevada!  Why?  Simply, they have to choose between two equally offensive candidates to represent them in the United States Senate.

Harry Reid, whose political career was “road kill” a few months ago, has now taken a lead in the Rasmussen Polls ahead of Sharron Angle, the Republican primary winner, who was 20 points ahead of Reid before she opened her mouth!  Now the voters are faced with carrying on with an old, out-of-touch, prickly political insider or voting for a candidate that has taken some, shall we say, unusual positions on some key issues.  Angle’s close ties to the National Tea Party propelled her past primary opponent, Sue Lowden, whose failed one-liners about “using chickens to barter with doctors” watched her early Primary prospects disappear into a thumping at the voting booth!  Nevada has a population of 2.6 million….and you would think they could have picked a better candidate to run against Reid than either Angle or Lowden!  Where are all the good people?

If I was a resident of Nevada, I would, reluctantly, cast my ballot for Angle because the combo of Pelosi and Reid had done some very unscrupulous things to pass Obama’s agenda in the past year.  Bribes, payoffs, pork, etc., are things we must move past in order to get our budget crisis under control.   Obama promised “Change”….well, it has been worse than “business as usual” in Washington since the Dems took control of Congress and the White House. A message must be sent…even if the messenger has a few warts!!

2010….Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!!


2 responses to “Angle vs. Reid – Pathetic Choices!

  1. Sometimes we just have to hold our noses as we vote. You are echoing my sentiments, Bob. Keep up the excellent communications.

  2. Atlanticwaters….I wish I had thought of your phrase! It is the most appropriate description for this election!

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