Morton’s I.C.E.(y) Evaluation

A survey of the 7,000 employees of the National Council of the American Federation of Government Employees issued a resounding unanimous vote of “NO CONFIDENCE” in the leadership of I.C.E. director, John Morton, and assistant director, Phyllis Coven.

The Union accused Morton of abandoning I.C.E.’s core mission of enforcing immigration laws and focusing on “policies related to amnesty.”  The membership disagrees with Morton’s “misguided and reckless initiatives, which could ultimately put many in America at risk.” The Union expressed its desire to publicly separate itself from the actions of the directors.  Furthermore, Morton’s recent visit to the Arizona border was simply window-dressing according to Sherriffs’ Dever (Cochise Co.) and Dupnik (Pima Co.) 

In a bi-partisan move, this week, Congress approved an increase of 1,000 agents for border security.  The budget included additional I.C.E. officers and enhanced technological surveillance equipment.  Hopefully, these moves will, at least, marginally, stem the flow of illegals and drug through the porous borders of Arizona and Texas!

Now, if Obama would pull back his lawsuit against the State of Arizona, we might be able to make some real progress in the battle for the border!


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