Obama & HIS Mosque

By supporting Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s plan to erect a mosque near Ground Zero, President Obama has bought ownership of a controversial issue that, once again, divides Americans sharply.  The most recent poll shows that the majority of New Yorkers and 64% of Americans are against building this mosque.  Many feel that a mosque so close to the site, where more than 3,000 people lost their lives, will be nothing more that a “monument to major victory” for radical Islam.  Others have described this mosque as an “appalling lack of taste;” and may serve as another hot-bed for recruiting budding terrorists!

There is no doubt that the Iman has the “right” to build this mosque; but, the real question is: Should the mosque be built on this particular site?  To many, this plan is an affront to American sensibilities.  Obama would have been better served by saying nothing on this issue…..except that it was a local issue.  But, he has chosen otherwise!

This is another example of just how far out-of-touch Obama is with the American mainstream.  He has shown no sense of empathy or feeling for the victims of 9/11!  He should have thrown himself into this battle to use his presidential influence to persuade the Iman to relocate the mosque to a more palatable location!  Instead, he throw his support to the project.  He is the most politically inept president in my lifetime!  There may have been others worse…..but, not by my standards!

Obama has drawn sharp criticism from both Democrats and Republicans!  And, that criticism will build as the nation nears another anniversary of the terrorism that occurred on September 11!

In another questionable decision, the US State Department has sponsored a trip by Imam Rauf to the middle east under the guise of promoting religious tolerance!  Could it be that we are partially paying for a trip by the Imam to raise funds for the mosque?   The State Department says “No!”  You be the judge!

Some believe that Islam is just a religion….but, many more believe that Islam is a religion with a political agenda.   And, the nature of that agenda is what has Americans so divided.

The mosque!  Socialized medicine!  Government take-over of private enterprise!  Massive government spending!  Pandering to labor unions!  Weak and ineffective foreign policy!  Out-of-control budget deficits and a HUGE national debt!  When are Americans going to realize that Obama is a THREAT to this country?

2010 & 2012…Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!


4 responses to “Obama & HIS Mosque

  1. Maybe Obama should support a mosque at the Pentagon and the crash site in Pennsylania, too! Well stated commentary on the chosen one!

  2. The longer Obama is President, the more we see who the man really is and what he really believes. He sure does not think or believe like any other Americans I know. Sure am glad he is not my friend. Islam is not separated from its government. It is its Government. You bet there is political agenda within it. The first order of business is to take down all the infidels. Is there any need to say more?

  3. As you say, this just adds to the long list of items that prove Obama is trying to bringing America its knees! And what about his 27-hour “vacation” to the Gulf Coast…. more proof he thinks we are all STUPID!

  4. Obama is what we all thought he was when he was running for President. He telegraphed almost every punch during his campaign. Unfortunately about 53% of the electorate ignored the warning signs and voted for Obama anyway. Lets hope that in 2012 the Republican ticket is more palatable than the McCain/Palin ticket. Selecting a President based on the candidate’s ability to read a teleprompter is not very wise. There is no doubt, we must vote him out.

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