2010 – Tiger’s Lost Year

For the second year in a row, Tiger Woods, the #1 golfer in the world, has failed to  win a major championship….leaving him 4 short of tying Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors!  This year was to have been Tiger’s opportunity to chisel away at his personal goal.  The first three (3) championships were on courses that he loves and has had considerable success:  Augusta National, Pebble Beach GC, and St. Andrews GC in Scotland.  It would have been normal to expect Tiger to win on, at least, two of those venues.  It didn’t happen!  And, Tiger’s game is in such disarray, it is hard to imagine that he will ever re-gain his dominance in the game.  His intimidation factor is gone!  He is now just trying to make the cut!  An almost unbelievable fall from the pinnacle of his game!

As examples, last week he played his worst ever at the Firestone CC and finished next to last in the Bridgestone Championship….an event he has dominated in recent years.   Sunday, he finished 9 strokes behind the eventual winner, Martin Kaymer, in the PGA championship.  To add insult to injury, Phil Mickelson beat Tiger by 6 shots in the final round and Mr. Woods barely  held on to his #1 world ranking away.  Tiger’s play was abysmal…..hitting less that 40% of the fairways and looking like a man lost in the wilderness.

Yesterday, Tiger tried to put a positive spin on his dilemma by saying he was close to getting his game back.  He has been listening to a potential new coach from Orlando, but, Foley was no help this week.  His swing is fundamentally flawed….and has been for years!  He got away with poor driving by being the best putter in the game for the past ten years.  Now that he seems to have lost his focus, his once-reliable putter has deserted him, too!

As an aside, Kaymer’s victory was marred by the unfortunate 2 stroke penalty assessed against Dustin Johnson.  Johnson had a chance to win the US Open, but played miserably in the final round.  His inattention to the rules cost him a chance to participate in the playoff between Kaymer and Bubba Watson.

Where does Tiger go from here?  Back to the drawing board.  He has shown signs of his old brilliance with his scrambling ability; but, no one can win major championships without being able to hit fairways consistently.  Let’s hope he can find some form in the first FedEx Cup tournament; otherwise he won’t qualify for the second tournament of the series.

A sad year for the world’s #1!  Tiger haters are rejoicing in his fall from grace.  Personally, I think the game needs him playing at a high level; and I hope he get his mojo back!  We’ll see!


3 responses to “2010 – Tiger’s Lost Year

  1. I think you said it quite adequately, “looking like a man lost in the wilderness”. When a man losing his focus, it shows clearly and usually in the very thing that showed his excellence. Tiger is a perfect example of extreme internal conflict. I hope he gets his mojo back, also. He certainly changed the status of golf for me.

  2. Tiger Woods became the number 1 golfer in the world through extraordinary focus, physical prowess, the tutelage of the best teachers in the game, hard work, and sheer drive. He’s now gone through multiple teachers. He’s no longer one of the young guns on Tour. He has lost his edge.

    Tiger inspired many of the new Tour phenoms. Tiger now has to inspire himself. Like Captain Junah in The Legend of Bagger Vance, Tiger has lost his swing. Tiger needs help. He knows how to play golf. Tiger needs to decide that he wants to play again.

    I think the loss of his number 1 ranking might be the best thing that could happen to Tiger. This might be just the motivation he needs to get back on track. Tiger knows better than anyone that he is not the best player in the world right now. He also knows that he can beat anyone out there if he sets his mind to it. Tiger can be the best again. Will he? Only Tiger can answer that question.

  3. Woods is a hack! Done! He shot his wad (literally and figureatively)! His arrogance finally has kicked this ‘dawg!

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