“Let me be clear……”

Whenever Obama wants  to make a point emphatically, he frequently starts his sentence with:  “Let me be clear…..”  That is usually the time when most Americans begin to cringe because it generally means that he is about to make a statement that will offend the sensibilities of the mainstream of America.  Run! America! Run!

To me, it is a condescending phrase that is another way of saying, “I know best!  You should listen to me since I have something important to say!  I will explain ‘it‘ to you because you are too stupid to understand ‘it‘ otherwise!”  At least, in his not-so-humble opinion! Does he seem to speak down to America?  He speaks to us as the progressive elitist he really is!  I imagine that the “let me be clear” phrase is permanently embossed on Obama’s teleprompter! 

His most recent “let me be clear” moment was at the Muslim dinner at the White House last Friday when he made it “clear” that he supported the construction of a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero!  What a guy!  When the “stuff” immediately hit the media fan, Obama crawfished, the next day (Saturday), during his 27-hour week-end vacation on the Gulf Coast!  He was “clear” that he was not commenting on the “wisdom” of building the mosque.  After more scrambling by the WH press secretary and his “spinners,” they decided that Obama supported the Constitution!  Oh, boy!!!

What are some other “let me be clear” moments?  Well, he was “clear” that the stimulus package would hold unemployment to under 8%!  Missed on that one!  It was “clear” that the public option would be in healthcare! Happily, oops!  Heck, I can’t continue with all the “let me be clear” moments, this post would go on forever!

Let me be clear….Obama is wrong for this country! 

2010 & 2012….Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!

P.S. (from a special contributor) Another phrase he uses a lot is “unprecedented”.  Every situation that arises is “unprecedented”.  It is unprecedented that someone with so little experience has been given so much power.  If one has never solved a problem, any unanticipated obstacle appears unprecedented.


2 responses to ““Let me be clear……”

  1. Bob, you hit it right on….’let me be clear’ is degrading in that the President is internationally speaking for the majority of the citizens of the USA. I do not believe his support of the building of a mosque near ground zero, without responsible sensitivities, represented the majority. His side-step the next day probably did harm internationally. What a blunder….without doubt, vote them out.

  2. Another thing that really irks me is the way the media is reporting this. All I hear is how this mosque will affect the victims of 9/11 and new yorkers, when in fact, it affects all Americans. I don’t know about you but I am truly offended and find this action to defy all sensibilites. This was an attack on all of America not just New York city.

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