Campaigning, Fund-Raising, or Governing

Maybe it is just me, but it seems that Obama has spent an inordinate amount of time campaigning and fund-raising….not governing, at a time when the country’s economy is in shambles, underemployment is at 16%, Iraq is beginning to deteriorate, Afghanistan seems like another Viet Nam, and the budget deficit keeps growing!

I realize that presidential campaigning and fund-raising are rites of the mid-terms; but, it seems that when added to his vacation and other leisure time activities, Obama has spent very little time trying to manage the business of the country…..the job we hired him to do!   Especially when America needs strong leadership at this critical time in our history.  Of course, it is easy to understand that it takes money to win campaigns and he clearly needs to protect his control of the House and Senate….but, when does he become the presidential leader we need and not the fund-raising campaigner we see everyday?

While it is no secret that I think Obama is bad for the country, I will offer him a suggestion that might help his poll numbers!  Stay in the White House and do your job!  I cannot remember a day when he has not been on TV making a speech on some topic!  The more he exposes himself to the public via his teleprompter speeches, the more his popularity will decline.  Barack, create a little mystery!  Try to limit your media exposure to a couple of times a week!  Try it… have nothing to lose!

And, if you must put yourself out to the media, try something out of character for you…hold a press conference at the White House.  Give the press corps a chance to ask you the tough questions without the teleprompter!  But, last Saturday, on the beach in Florida without his teleprompter, Obama back tracked on his mosque comments and stirred the pot more vigorously….so, I guess I understand why he is uncomfortable when required to speak extemporaneously!  I suppose that is why he used his teleprompter with a 6th grade class…(see pic above).

2010 & 2012….Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!


4 responses to “Campaigning, Fund-Raising, or Governing

  1. I don’t know why you always criticize Obama. He’s doing the best he can with the mess Bush left him. Just because he uses a teleprompter doesn’t mean he is stupid!

  2. Lacie….no, it doesn’t mean he is stupid. But, by using the teleprompter as much as he does, he is perceived as being inexperienced…which is certainly true. Leaders do not need props nor do they stage their audiences and seed them with questions. But this is not about the teleprompter….it is about being a leader in troubled times. His poll ratings reflect what the mainstream thinks about his performance. In this case, perception is reality!

  3. How old are you, lacybegoody? I am guessing you are a teenager or a freshman in some liberal college where your brain has been washed of independent thought. After you have a real job for 10 years and taxes to pay, then let us hear from you.

  4. Lacie the blaming Bush excuse is getting very old. Surely you can do better than that.Maybe you , like Obama, need any excuse, even if it’s not a good one to keep from admitting you made a mistake.

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