Glenn & Sarah – Thorns in Obama’s Side

Saturday at the Lincoln Monument, Glenn Beck is holding a “Restoring Honor” Rally and Sarah Palin will be on hand at the gathering.  Why do these two people instill such fear in the hearts of the progressive left?  Yes, they are both anti-Obama; but, so are lots of media folks!  Why do they seem to be the targets of such scrutiny and rancor?

Maybe, it is because they are not afraid to say, out loud, what an increasingly large number of Americans think!  Maybe, the conservative and mainstream people of America have had enough of the policies of a Democratic Party that has lost touch with the populus!  With Obama falling in the polls, immigration issues at center stage, and the economy continuing to sag, it is easy to understand why the country is frustrated with the current administration.

The interesting thing to me is that neither Sarah or Glenn will never be anything but faces on a TV screen.  Palin, though wildly popular with many, is never going to be seen as a serious candidate for the Republican nomination.  She has too much baggage and doesn’t have the experience or credibility to manage America.  (Of course, the same could be said about our current president!!)  And, Beck, the guy who can cry on command, has conservative ideas; but is no threat to anyone!

I suppose the true source of their popularity (and danger for the Democrats) is that they are closer to the real values of middle America than the current administration.  It will be interesting how many people show up at Glenn’s party; and, even more interesting, how the mainstream media will cover the event.  Jon Stewart, Keith Olbermann, and Rachael Maddow must be giddy with anticipation!!!


2 responses to “Glenn & Sarah – Thorns in Obama’s Side

  1. They are targets because the are closer to normal Americans than the morons from the left that have seized our country! I will be disappointed if the Repubs don’t sweep the House and gain 6 or 7 seats in the Senate. This Obama/Soros/ Ayers crap has got to stop!

  2. They speak the truth for more Americans than ‘the rulers’ we have in DC at the moment. Sure hope November elections will sweep ‘the rulers’ out of power and return a more Republic control.

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