…and 99 Lashes

 An Iranian woman whose “stoning execution” sentence for having an “illicit relationship” (adultery) has had 99 lashes added to her sentence because The Times of London, erroneously, printed a picture of her without a headscarf.  Under the strict Iranian law, a woman cannot be seen in public without her headscarf!  Without the scarf, they are guilty of “spreading corruption and indecency!” Furthermore, she has already been “flogged” in prison for the charges against her.

So, why am I blogging about this subject:  Does our government really believe they can, successfully, negotiate with a culture whose views  are so alien to those of our culture in America?

You decide for yourself!  For me, the answer is, “No!” 

To read a more detailed description on the story, click on the link below.



One response to “…and 99 Lashes

  1. Bob, to me this is the subject that is the most frightening about what is happening in the world. Jihad has been declared on America and with it came the 9/11 attach. Being a woman in America with equal rights and equal opportunities (some would question; I do not since I have ‘made it’ in a man’s world right here in the good old USA) you can imagine how my world would change under a Muslim rule. With millions of Muslims in America and more arriving every day, the changes in our laws will continue to be challenged due to the fact that most all of our laws are currently based on a Christian ethical interpetation. This will not hold as America moves forward, and it is being challenged with the Cordoba Mosque right now. I hope Americans will wake up and actually see what it stands to lose if it does not vote into place a more insightful group of leaders. My heart freezes at the way Muslims treat their women. Some will say, not here in America. But, I will remember the father who killed his daughter because she disgraced him when she would not marry a man he chose for her and several other similar cases right here in America. Hundreds of years of religious teachings will not change quickly. It is not only the radical Muslims who practice dominance over women. America is at war and it is not because we chose it. We were minding our own business when Jihad was declared against us with the 9/11 bombing and we lost 3,000 innocent people. This is not only a war against terror, it is a religious war declared against all Americans.

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