Peace Talks in the Middle East….Yeah, Right!!

It looks like the White House goal of restarting productive peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian President is doomed to failure before it even begins.  At issue is the Israeli 10 month slowdown of new building on West Bank settlements.  The slowdown is due to expire on September 26 and Prime Minister Netanyahu has a tough decision to make.  If the lifts the slowdown and allows new building, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has stated that they would walk away from the talks.  If Netanyahu leaves the slowdown in place, he will alienate his support coalition within Israel. 

Netanyahu has tried to take a moderate stance; but, his Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has dismissed the peace talks as a target that is “not attainable” within the next generation.  And, Israel is hinting that it will ease restrictions on building soon.  One can understand the Israeli concerns.  They left Gaza and got terror organizations as a result.  They claim that if they leave the West Bank, another Iranian sponsored terror group will threaten their existence.

So, here we go again!  A grand goal that seems to be scuttled before beginning…..a process seemed destined to raise hopes only to dash them in a volley of rockets and gunfire!  A true conundrum!  If any of you have an answer, please share it!


One response to “Peace Talks in the Middle East….Yeah, Right!!

  1. I have no answer for peace between the middle east (muslim religion) and Israel. I just hope we will remain allies with Israel and pray it is strong enough to keep all of the middle eastern countries at bay. Not only has Israel been our friend but the world’s energy is at risk if nuclear war breaks loose. What a mess the world is in.,

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