…like a dog

Obama’s Labor Day campaign speech in Milwaukee showed a deepening level of frustration by the administration.  The anger was apparent in his face as he pointed to the crowd and played out his “poor, pitiful me” rhetoric.  “They talk about me like a dog!”  Maybe just a little over the top, Mr. President!   Even though, Obama referred to himself as a “mutt” in 2008!  BTW, I thought a dog was man’s best friend!

Obama also used the occasion to unveil his latest economic “stimulus” package.  He wants Congress to approve $50 billion for infrastructure spending on the nation’s highways, railroads, & airports.  Hey, that sounds like the last, failed stimulus plan for “shovel ready” projects!  And, Mr. President, please be a little more clear on your new “infrastructure bank.”  Could it be more federal meddling in private enterprise?!?!

He couldn’t resist a little more Bush-bashing and used the tired metaphor about the car in the ditch, etc., etc.  With all due respect, Mr. President, you are the most inexperienced, ideological president in modern times.  Your narcissism  is not selling on Main Street.  Take a hint from the people, fire some of the far-left progressives in your cabinet, and move towards the middle.  Boehner is not such a bad guy; and there is a strong likelihood that the two of you will be forced to work together on a weekly basis after Americans repudiate your policies of the past 18 months!

America is sending you a message:  Stop chasing cars or you will be put in the pound! 

2010 & 2012…Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!



4 responses to “…like a dog

  1. Bob, I truly believe that most Americans can add 2+2 and that is all it takes to know this economy is already in trouble without additional spending by the Government. I think most people know the meaning of the word debt and when we are speaking of it to the tune of $13.5 Trillion, most people know it it is well beyond anything practical or responsible, therefore, a thing to be concerned about and to stop.

    If Mom and Dad had a child spending out of control, spending thousands of dollars of which they would be responsible to repay, the parents would stop that child from spending. It is called responsible or practical behavior. It is time for Americans to stop this behavior. The Democrates are out of control.

  2. True….a very good analogy, too! If the majority of Americans had your common sense, we would not be in trouble in the first place! Vote Them Out!

  3. I love both my dogs and all four of my granddogs. Obama, on the other hand, not so much. You reap what you sow, Mr. President. Not everyone has the same high opinion of you that you have of yourself.

    You’ve been and remain a lapdog of the unions and other left wing special interests. You treat those who disagree with you with total disdain. You only venture out to speak (read) in front of admiring democrat and union crowds (same thing). To get respect you have to give respect. You haven’t earned the respect of your adversaries. Don’t expect your fortunes to improve after the elections in November.

  4. Have we ever had such a thin-skinned president? Taking criticism is part of the job! And, Fred, you are absolutely right….to get respect, you must give respect! Obama is a child playing in an arena he doesn’t understand! And, we are the people that will get hurt!

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