Get a Serve, Maria!!!

Jane and I are tennis fans and love to watch the matches from Wimbledon, Paris, and Flushing Meadows in New York.  While we root for the American contingency, we also enjoy the skills of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova and several other international players.  Roger and Rafael never disappoint; but Maria is another story!

At this point in the tournament, if Federer can get past Robin Soldering (Sweden), he should face Nadal in another classic showdown between the best two mens’ players in the world.  It will make for good TV on Sunday afternoon.

Sadly, one of our favorites, Maria Sharapova, will also be watching the finals on TV on the week-end because she played terribly against Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark) in the 4th round.  We are big fans of Maria because she is the perfect blend of femininity, style, determination, and physical talent. If she could have beaten Caroline, who is playing great tennis this year, she might have cruised into the finals….probably a match with Venus Williams.  But, it was not to be for Maria.  Once again, her service game SUCKED!  She had 9 double faults in the match.  With such a poor serve, she was lucky to have reached the 4th round.  One has to love her focus, tenacity, and desire….but, her serve is pitiful by professional standards.  Jane and I have some advice, Maria….fire your coach!  With all your talent on the baseline and your power, if  “Larry the Cable Guy” can’t teach you to develop a solid, dependable serve, you should put the bum to the curb!  Bring back your dad, Yuri…at least, he helped you produce some major championships!  We are holding out hope for you!  Get a serve, girl!!!

A couple of other observations:  First, Caroline is playing very good tennis….expect to see her in the finals and don’t be surprised if she wins.  She plays like a human backboard…everything comes back!  And, to Venus Williams, please change your outfit….the “see-through, sequined ‘thing’ riding up your butt” is not a good look!  Finally, Venus was lucky to beat Francesca Schiavone (Italy) who reminds us of Howard from the TV sit-com “The Big Bang Theory!”  Enjoy the Open!  There is some wonderful tennis being played in the Big Apple!

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