Quran Burning….Dumb Ass

In a word, this minister in Florida is:   STUPID!



2 responses to “Quran Burning….Dumb Ass

  1. This guy is as bad as the terrorists that are determined to bring American way of life to its knees. How can anyone condone this act! I am anti-terrorist as much as anybody, but this will do nothing but insight the nut-cases to retaliate! Bad! Beyond stupid!!

  2. What we need are solutions not more hate dumped on the fire of hate. It seems this minister is looking for attention and he is getting it. If the Korans are burned, it may unveil many ‘Radical Muslims’ within this country. America’s great strength has been its tolerence for religious freedoms. The radical Muslims are determined to destroy our way of life. How do we strategicly defeat that effort? How do we think our way to victory and not fall into emotional reactions and unnecessary warring?

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