Obama’s Lab Rats are Running

 With the mid-term elections 53 days away and counting down, the Obama record is correctly getting the scrutiny it deserves from the electorate and the Democrats that are seeking offices in House, Senate, & state capitals across the country.  As, they take stock of the public reaction to the 20 months Obama has been president, some patterns are emerging that should give the progressive left considerable concern going forward with their experiment trying to turn America into a western European socialized country.

None of the Dems are mentioning Obama’s Healthcare debacle.  Finally, people understand that Obama’s social vision for health care will cost more and reduce service.    Georgia gubernatorial candidate Barnes calls Obamacare “financially devastating!”  Shame on any Congressperson that voted for this bill!  Your constituents will hold you accountable!

Stimulus I & II are lightning rods for the fiscally conservative voter base.  The $900+ billion expenditure has been largely perceived as a failure since unemployment is still 9.6%…..and is not expected to improve for the next 12+ months.

Add on “Cap & Trade,”  “FinReg,” other left-wing legislation, the constant and tiresome bashing of Bush (i.e., Obama not taking some responsibility for what has happened on his watch), a $13.4 Trillion national debt, and “Mr. Academia” (aka The Chosen One) has concocted the perfect formula to blow up his presidency.

Furthermore, the average American cannot understand why Obama is selective in how he interprets the first amendment of the Constitution.  Obama spoke out against the burning of Quran in Florida (and, I, too, think the reverend is an idiot); but he did not address  protestors burning the American flag at the site of the proposed mosque or protesters from Westboro Baptist Church celebrating the death of American soldiers.  People don’t understand his hypocrisy!

Another sub-surface issue is the growing racial divide in the country.  I won’t comment here on the hyper-racial prism that Washington is using. (See previous post.)  Our society is so sensitive to political correctness if George Carlin was still alive, he would be having a field day with this administration!  Not surprisingly, the mainstream media has totally ignored this disturbing trend in America!  The left media still regards Obama as a sacred cow!

Yes, the rats are leaving the sinking ship and escaping the lab!  Finally, America is getting the messages that were ignored in 2008!

2010 & 2012…Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!



2 responses to “Obama’s Lab Rats are Running

  1. Mr. Academia………….just perfect! Obama does not realize he is screwing with people’s lives! Another name would be: Mr. Narcissism or Mr. Inexperience! They all work!

  2. So beautifully articulated. I cannot wait to vote in November. Time to vote them out.

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