Duh, It’s just Politics, Dude!

One of my older buddies, Hank, is a throw-back to the early ’60’s and the halcyon days of doobies and flower-children!  He rides a Harley when he is not taking the “park and ride” bus to work as an accountant downtown.  He even has a Facebook page on the local Harley dealer website…..he is not quite the “outlaw”  that he used to be!  Hank always had a taste of the good things in life that money can provide….he is only willing to go so far for the “movement!”   When we talk about politics, he is a little anti-government and a little bit of a socialist!   I guess you’d call him a left-wing, Libertarian!  In other words, he is a little screwed up…kind of like the rest of us!!

When I get all worked up about some of the things the current administration does, Hank is usually there to toss a little dirt on the camp fire and cool me down.  He mostly agrees with me; but, he seems in a drug induced frame of mind where everything is “neat-o” and we all should just mellow out!  I doubt Hank voted for Obama; but, he couldn’t bring himself to vote for the establishment candidate, McCain, either.  He probably wasted his vote on Bob Barr!

Hank questions the rhetoric being tossed around by both sides.  He understands why many people believe Obama is a left-wing product of the radical ideas of Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, Soros, and his parents.  He also believes that Obama should have used his considerable influence to persuade Imam Rauf to relocate his mosque to another part of NYC.  But, he doesn’t think it is a big deal as portrayed by the conservative media.

And, while he doesn’t align himself with the conservative Tea Party movement, he readily admits that there is real anger and frustration among many Americans.  He thinks that the Tea Party movement will hurt Republicans in November and uses the O’Donnell victory in Delaware as a prime example.  While I applaud voters kicking incumbents to the curb, Hank doesn’t necessarily think a far right candidate is any better than a far left candidate.

And, that is where Hank and I fundamentally differ.  My view is that the leadership has been very lax in the past 15 years and allowed government spending to get out of control.  Clinton’s vision of everyone deserving to own a home (even if they couldn’t pay for it), Bush’s lack of attention to government spending by tightening the belt to offset the cost of wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, and, now, Obama’s vision to redistribute the wealth of America through federal mandate has got to stop.  The pendulum has swung too far left…..and a sharp correction towards the center and right is required to get America back on track.  The budget deficits and national debt will be the ruination of our system.

Even though Hank is a friend, his attitude that nothing is a big deal, it’s just politics, is the primary reason we are stuck in this recession.  America needs to awaken from its lackadaisical haze and stand up to the “establishment” by voting an irresponsible Congress out of office.  The people in Delaware spoke loudly when the kicked a left-wing republican  out of office.  It will probably cost the republicans a seat in the Senate because O’Donnell will probably lose big in November.  Nevertheless, the message is being sent across the nation….get government under control!

Sorry, Hank, it’s not just politics!  It is a reawakening of fundamentals that America was built upon generations ago.  The wave is building fast.  Take heed, politicians.  And, Hank, stay away from the doobies for a while so your brain can clear!

2010….Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!


5 responses to “Duh, It’s just Politics, Dude!

  1. Lackadaisical haze….a good description of the voting public. And what worries me is that the momentum created by the conservative movement will distract from the goal of taking Congress back from the liberals! I just hope Americans will get to the polls in record numbers and send these free-spending fools home for good! Then we can repeal Obamacare or defund the foolish programs. Come on, folks, VOTE!

  2. Bob, this is a great deal more than politics as usual. Never before has the great USA been is such debt. Debt to a country and debt to a family are the same. Either can go bankrupt when it becomes overwhleming and you cannot pay off your debts. If the citizens do not take control and stop this mad spending and, at the same time, find a way to gear up business growth, this country will likely find itself without the opportunities and freedoms it has enjoyed for its entire history. If that happens, it will because of people who are too lackadaisical to get up and do their individual part to keep America great. I will never feel one minute of sympathy for them. That is all it takes to keep a great nation. Do your part, lift your load and carry your own weight. If you cannot due to a handicap of some type, we have plenty of people who will carry more than her/his individual load. I do not believe 40% of people in this country are in that category.

  3. Atlantic….the November elections will be a clear signal as to how committed America is to taking back an out-of-control Congress and administration. If the REAL back-bone of America goes to the polls, the progressive left will be SOUNDLY defeated. I just worry that the number of “entitlement” voters (people who look to the federal government to supply all their needs) is growing faster than the ranks of the people that supply the fuel for the engine of America. And Obama’s redistribution message has resounded loudly with that element. He has pitted classes of people against one another…..he has become the “Great Divider!” Sadly, the “entitlement mentality” added to the “guilt-ridden, do-gooders” of the left make for a large voting block! It is vital for people to leave the comfort of their living rooms and GET OUT AND VOTE! A large turnout will mean success…..a small turnout & the “left” will feel even more empowered!

  4. Bob, you are so right. How hard is it to get up and go vote? If a person does not have enough energy to do that, and is not handicapped, then we have a problem beyond my comprehension. If Deleware is an indication, people are feeling energized to get up to go vote.

  5. Atlantic….Agree! And something is screwy about the Deleware poll numbers. O’Donnell could not have won the Repub primary AND be 11 points behind the Dem when her defeated opponent was supposedly 12 points AHEAD of the Dem before the primary! Hope Palin will put her money where her mouth is and get to Deleware to prop up her candidate!

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