Paris & Lindsay – Justice is Not Blind

Paris drops a bag of cocaine from her designer purse and gets a year of probation!  Lindsay flunks a drug test and will probably get to go back to re-hab……again!  What a sad legal system!  If either of them was an average citizen instead of little rich bitches, they would be under the jail!  No wonder John Q. Public thinks the system is rigged for the rich….it is!!!!!!!! 

Thanks to Japanese law, Paris has been delayed from entering their country to promote her “beauty line” since she is a convicted drug offender.  Way to go, Mr. Prime Minister!

Imagine if you can that you are a poor minority that has been arrested for various traffic and/or drug offenses.  Imagine that you have already served jail time and/or on probation for those offenses.  Imagine that you possess cocaine in front of the Vegas cops; or that you failed a drug test while on probation after insulting the court system over and over again!  Do you think you would be treated with such velvet gloves?

These two “celebrities” (like so many other monied, Hollywood-types) or rich corporate criminals are treated vastly different from the general public.  And, we, an adoring public, continue to purchase the products they sell, watch the horrible movies they make, and tune in to Letterman and Leno whenever they are scheduled to appear.

Who are the real dummies here?  For one, I think the rich and famous are held to an entirely different standard that the rest of America.  It is time this stopped!  Paris and Lindsay influence young women throughout the world….and they set a terrible example.  It is time to put them where they belong….in a real jail, not a country club prison!  If they served some “hard” time I am willing to bet that they would clean up their acts!  Paris found God during her first stint….but, I guess she forgot him when she got out!  And Lindsay served a couple of weeks of a 90 day sentence!

Where are America’s values?  Justice is not blind….it can clearly see the “dead presidents!”


One response to “Paris & Lindsay – Justice is Not Blind

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, Bob. Not being an idol worshiper, it is difficult for me to understand the interest in such misbehaving people. I hate the news giving attendtion to such trivia and know it does so to keep the general public focused on the wrong topics. Our country is being changed into something most Americans do not want while this type of trivia is being broadcast on every news channel. What type of idiots are we? As you said, treat them like you would any average American breaking the law and such behavior would stop or consequences would be felt.

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