Bailouts, Booze, & Weed – UAW

So, how do the employees of  Chrysler, GM, and the UAW feel about the taxpayer bailout of their industry?  If the recent news reports are correct (and they are), the UAW is just “high as a kite” over the money we gave them.  They are so happy that they are celebrating on their lunch breaks by drinking beer and smoking dope before going back to work on the assembly line!  Geez, I wonder if Chrysler has a “drug and alcohol” policy as part of their overall safety program!

This is too easy to criticize!  Taxpayer money goes “up in smoke!”  Cars built with “high” quality!  $75 per hour and billions spent on the bailout so they can put a “doobie” in every glove compartment!

And, these guys drove back to work high on drugs and beer!  Are there any DUI laws in Detroit?  What is the safety record at this plant?  And what will the UAW do?  No doubt this incident makes Obama and the city of Detroit proud!!!!

The time has come, America!  Enough is enough!  It is time to stop Obama’s social experiment with the world’s greatest country!

2010 & 2012…Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!


4 responses to “Bailouts, Booze, & Weed – UAW

  1. Well, guess who else was smoking dope….the Democratic Congress that were all high when they pissed away our money. The bankruptcy laws would have been the correct way to go….except Obama needed to support his union base! Look how they pay us back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. More “Blablings” from a Capitalistic/Entrepreneuristic/Industrialistic mouthpiece, one-sided, self-serving, & detrimental ranting(s).

  3. Electrician…I’m happy to be a capitalist; you, on the other hand, need to see a shrink! Or see your shop steward…maybe he will agree with you. Perhaps you can talk about production figures and productivity as you smoke some weed and have a few beers. Most likely, if Obama had not bailed you out, you would be in big trouble. We will see what happens in November!

  4. Bob, I have to side with “Electrican” on this one. Your “blablings” about UAW drug and alcohol abuse are very tiresome. I feel great about tax money going to salvage failed business models and union goons getting high at lunch. If unionization is so attractive and beneficial to employees, why are private sector unions shrinking faster than Obama’s approval ratings – well, almost faster. Why are unions pushing for card check? They must be smoking something funny. Oh wait, they are.

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