Congress and Colbert

At a time when unemployment is 9.6% and we are engaged in a losing war in Afghanistan, illegal immigration is threatening our borders, debt and budget deficits are out of control, and our economy is mired in the quagmire of Obama’s uncertain economic policies for the future, our Congress still finds time to give Steven Colbert a platform to perform his comedy schtick!  If you couldn’t find a reason to vote the Democrats out in November until yesterday, you have now found one!  It is shamefully  insulting to all Americans for Congress to waste time on such trivia…..and give free advertising to Colbert.  Americans are fearful…and these morons giggle!  Work on programs to incentivize business to create jobs!  Cut spending!  Sounds like Nero fiddling while Rome burns!  I am ashamed of this Congress!  They are so out of touch with America’s problems!  Enough said!!!

2010…Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!


4 responses to “Congress and Colbert

  1. I couldn’t agree more on the colbert thing. the dumbing down of political discourse and the rise of infotainment are not positive signs for our times. Speaking of ancient Rome it just seems like “bread and circuses”. If we are ever going to move into functional common sense solution focused ideas to move us ahead we have to get beyond sound bites and petty political sniping. My shame level about our political system has also been pretty high but it ticked up a bit. I wish I believed the republicans had more to offer as I see no relief in the upcoming election. Clinton did his best stuff with divided government but he and Newt also deregulated the banking protections passed after the great depression that directly led to our most recent economic collapse so who knows?

  2. If you really feel this is “dumming down” politics, you morons obviously missed the point and didn’t read between the lines. Did you see the CBS News article that legitimizes the facts addressed by Colbert? If not, read it, It’s enlightening and only backs up the points he made. Americans don’t want these jobs. So rather than punishing the people who pick the food that ends up on your plate, give them a platform for recourse when they are mistreated. Allow them to work here legally. It’s not their fault that they are mistreated. It’s not their fault that you don’t want the jobs they are “taking from you.”

    Maybe money speaks louder than basic human rights. By legalizing them, we get more tax dollars into the system because they are then forced to pay taxes on their income, which lessens the burden of legal citizens. By not giving them the rights of any American worker, we step back into the industrial age where none of the workers had rights, and the bosses just kept filling their pockets on the sweat and blood of the workers.

  3. Monica…welcome to the blog! While I totally disagree with your comment, I respect your right to your opinion. It is unclear that Americans would not do these jobs. Either way, they should be paying taxes and their employers should be fined for hiring them. We have a legal process that needs to be followed! Fence jumping is not an acceptable way to enter this country!

    P.S. With an underemployment rate of 17+%, Obama and Congress should not waste one minute of time on other issues. Obama abandoned the economy to work his social justice agenda too long! That is why November will be a turning point for the Dems!

  4. Hey Monica, I’m not a moron just because I don’t believe entertainers should be doing their comedy shtick in congress. It brought some attention to the issue but at what cost to a real dialogue. You assumed just because I commented favorably on Bob’s anti-Colbert point I agree with him on immigration, i don’t. I just prefer to find common ground than call people names for disagreeing with them. I’ve done some blueberry picking and I couldn’t keep up with the immigrant workers (I didn’t ask to see their papers I am live and let live and don’t believe in national boundaries, if we have the free flow of capital why not the free flow of workers?). they could bust it out and make better than minimum wage, I didn’t have the work ethic, picked enough until i could by a six pack and a pack of smokes and kicked it down by the river. Immigration reform is going to help keep social security solvent by bringing more productive workers into the system and I’ll be glad when people stop politizing on the issue and address it in a sober and mature way. Leftists see Colbert as satire but his fans on the right (and they are legion) he serves as a troll (look it up if you think i am talking about the monster who lives under bridges). He mocks his audience by pretending to agree with absurdist far right dogma but like Archie Bunker before him he reinforces conservative hate speech. I think Colbert is funny but I think he is dangerous, Glen Beck/Michael Savage dangerous. Thanks for hosting this debate Bob and your civil response to being called a moron. In the words of another satirist. “I know we disagree but I don’t think you’re Hitler.”

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