Ryder Cup – Maybe Next Time for USA

The final singles matches went down to the final pairing, but the European lead accumulated from the disastrous performance of the Americans in day two was too much to overcome.  Hunter Mahan could not secure a tie from McDowell and the Cup will not return to America.  The team has to be disappointed; but they gave it a good effort.  Phil & Dustin were disappointments throughout the event.

Pavin can only scratch his head and wonder what went wrong on  day two.  Six matches and ZERO wins.  Every shot counts in golf.  The drive on the first hole is just as important as the last putt on #18!  The Americans wasted too many opportunities in the early matches.  Good try!  Get them next time!

Now that Day Two is finally over, the Americans need a minor miracle to bring the cup back to American soil.  With a three-point deficit, the US team will have to win seven singles matches and hope for a draw in another.  They must accumulate 14 points overall to retain the Ryder Cup. That is a tall order…particularly since Phil and Dustin are playing terrible.  Hope is not lost, but it is fading fast!!!!  The total collapse of today’s matches will empower the Europeans and Monday is going to be tough!

Day Two’s first session of the Ryder Cup matches went to the Americans who lead the team competition 6 points to 4 over the Europeans.  The Key match was Cink/Kuchar vs. McIlroy/McDowell.  Cink made a clutch birdie putt on the 17th hole and McIlroy missed a short birdie to give the Americans a one up lead going to 18.  Then McIlroy made the fatal mistake of hitting his 3rd shot into a bunker and the match was over!  A tough finish for Rory that will probably affect his play in the afternoon session.  Much was expected from the youngster and he showed some nerves.

The power team of Mickelson and Dustin Johnson lost for the second time; and prompted Captain Pavin to break them up for the afternoon session.  Tiger and Stricker are undefeated….and will play together again in the afternoon.  Can they keep it up?

Regarding the Americans “fashion,” today they wore sweaters that were either “lavender” or “periwinkle blue!”   Either way, Lisa Pavin’s desire for the “retro” look is not working!  Maybe tomorrow we will see some Red, White, & Blue…..this is a match with national pride significance, why not show our colors!

Day One

Mother Nature put a damper on the first day of play at the Ryder Cup in Wales when torrential rains stopped play.  When play resumes tomorrow,  America will be ahead in two matches, behind on one, and all square (even, for you non-golfers) in another. 

But the story of the day (for me) was not the rain; you expect terrible playing conditions in Great Britian as a norm.  The real story was the fashion statement made by the US team.  Their rain-suits, with the goofy stripe on the left leg and the Roman script lettering of their names on the back, together with the oversized Ryder Cup embroidery on the sweaters made for a fashion disaster!  We know who these players are….there  is no need to display their names on their backs with oversized letters!  Come on!!!  I don’t know who picked the “uniforms” for the team, but they missed the mark on class by miles and miles.  Captain Pavin is now scouring to find clothes that his players will feel good wearing…..since I am sure that when Phil and Tiger donned their clothes today, they were ashamed of the way they looked!  Jane, who has a very keen fashion sense, was aghast at how bad the team looked!

If the team plays down to their wardrobe standard, they might as well catch the first plane back home!  It will be hopeless for them.  Jeff Overton made the rookie mistake of wearing a floppy rain hat that made his ensemble look even more stupid…..thankfully, he and Bubba are holding on to a narrow lead over Harrington and Luke Donald.  With the fashion sense that Donald possesses, he probably was nauseated when he went to the first tee having to look at his opponents.  It must have been like passing a horrible wreck on the side of the road!

Hopefully, Pavin will find some new attire for the team before they tee it up tomorrow.  If he doesn’t there will be a mutiny!  Good luck, Corey!


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