Mid-Term Election Predictions

November 2 is rapidly  approaching and the furor from Democrats and Republicans is  reaching a fever pitch!  Obama is accusing the Nations’ Chambers of Commerce of using “foreign money” to finance campaigns of Republicans across the country…kind of like the AFL-CIO and Sierra Club did in the 2008 election for Democrats.  Oh my God, it is a travesty!!!!!!!!!!  Come on, Barack, political contributions are a way of life for both parties.  If the Democrats spent as much time working on ways to create jobs for Americans as they do “campaigning,” our economy would be in much better position.  But, that is the way it is in politics…..spend time positioning to be re-elected…screw the people!!!!!

Enough posturing, let’s talk predictions for the mid-term elections.  It seems certain that the Democratic reign in the House is over….it is only a question of how big the Republican margin of victory will be.  I am predicting that the Republicans will pick up 50 seats in the House and Pelosi (the wicked witch of the west) will be relegated to the minority leader position…..yippee!!!!!!!!!!!   On the evening of November 2, the Republicans will have at least 230 seats in the House….maybe as many as 235!

In the Senate, I predict that the Republicans will pick up enough seats to make a total of 50  senators….leaving the Democrats with 48.  The 2 independents in the Senate will caucus with the Democrats and they will retain the leadership position; although, Harry Reid  will be defeated in Nevada.  I hope I am wrong and the Repubs gain a clear majority, but that is a stretch at this point.

This could be a historic election if the conservative turn-out is high.  The frustration of middle America could produce a complete repudiation of the Democratic strategy and agenda.  While the polls seem to favor the non-incumbent, if the turn-out of independents is higher than Rasmussen predicts, the Republican wave will become a tsunami…..and the Democrats will pay a huge price for their left-wing policies and programs.

So, in summary, the House goes to the Republicans and John Boehner will become a frequent visitor to the White House.  The Senate will stay with the Democrats, but Harry is a goner!

What does this all mean?  The progressive agenda will be slowed; and there will be lots of noise about repealing healthcare!  The Bush Tax Cuts will be extended for two years!  And Obama’s agenda will be put on hold!  The stock market will make a modest recovery and Congress will focus on restoring the economic viability of America.  In the end, if the wave does turn into a tsunami, Hillary will resign as Secretary of State and take Obama on for the Democratic nomination in 2012…..and she will win!!!!!!!!!!

2010….Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!


3 responses to “Mid-Term Election Predictions

  1. Bob, I think and believe you have hit the nail right smack on its head with the above comments. Without more than past fraud at the poles, and I do not rule that out at this juncture, the Republicans will fill a lot of the seats y ou mention above and with a little luck, Hillary will find herself in a position and the Democratic Party in such termoil that ‘the Clintons’ will be the obvious answer to straighten out the mess. Won’t that be a hoot? It should have been the Democratic Party answer in 2008. When a smooth-talking stranger shows up walking on water, promising fundamental change in politics, beware.

  2. A smooth-talking stranger…..a perfect description! A snake oil salesman with a smile to woo the townfolk into submission! But, I think they are waking up just in time!!!

  3. It’s going to be a landslide AGAINST the Democrats. America has had enough of Obama!

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