Are You a Good Friend? – Update

(April 12, 2010) Today, I ran into Joe,  an old friend, while playing some golf (not very well, thank you very much)!  As we chatted between warm-up shots on the driving range, Joe told me about a friend of his (and an acquaintance of mine), let’s call the friend, Tim,  that has encountered some bad news in life.   Not only does Tim have tumors on his liver, he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer!  Tim is 58 years old and has no insurance!!  Yes, it is hard to believe that a person of reasonable means does not have insurnace….but Tim does not.To make matters worse, Tim has never married, has no children, and has only one sibling who lives in another state.  So, basically, Tim has nothing…..and no one to help him. It is a sad situation; and the prognosis for Tim is poor.  So, where is the silver lining in this story? 

Joe, who is in his 60’s and retired after 30+ years in law enforcement, has taken Tim into his home to help through the treatment, surgery, etc., that will be necessary if Tim is to recover.  Joe’s wife, a retired nurse, will tend to Tim; while, Joe takes him to/from the hospital for treatments.

There is no blood relationship between Joe and Tim….just long-time friends!  Joe is in the process of helping Tim qualify for Medicaid so the treatment regimen can begin.  The process will be long and difficult on Tim, Joe, and Joe’s wife.  But, what a wonderful thing to find a little piece of humanity in this mostly, cold and self-centered world.  Joe and his wife will quietly bring comfort and support to another person without asking for anything in return.  Their reward for this act of kindness will come from inside their hearts….and from the admiration they will feel from those of us that know the real situation.

Pray for Tim….and God bless Joe and his wife.  They are defining charity and love.  Could I do such a benevolent thing?  I hope I could…but, to be honest, I am not sure.  What about you?

UPDATE:  Since I first wrote this post in April, Tim has made amazing strides in his battle with cancer.  I saw him (playing golf last month) and, while thin and gaunt, he was working hard on his game.  Joe and his wife still help Tim; although he has moved to a place nearby!  Tim is at another critical point is his attempt to survive.  Offer your prayers…he will welcome them! 


2 responses to “Are You a Good Friend? – Update

  1. Nice posting. A lot to consider, particularly with regard to the ongoing health care debates.

  2. it’s nice to see people give a little when they can…so that the world doesn’t feel so self-centered. this was a nice post 🙂

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