Will the Landslide bring him down?

The mood in the country is replete with anger, fear, and resentment.  Voters are coming out in record numbers in early voting to cast their ballots.  It has been reported on all the news networks that the turnout of independents and conservatives will likely turn the House over to the Republicans; and, perhaps, there is a chance that the Senate will also go to the Republicans.  If the turnout for these mid-term elections is larger than expected, it will be a disaster for the Democratic, progressive agenda and a serious indictment of the policies of President Obama , Harry Reid, and Nancy  Pelosi!

When I voted yesterday, the lines extended out the door at the polling location; and the poll workers said the lines had been long ever since the doors opened.  As I looked around at the people, I was struck with the fact that most of those in line were middle-aged, typical people.  And, the random comments made in the line made it clear that almost everyone was voting a straight Republican ticket!  Admittedly, my neighborhood has mostly white voters, but there is a significant black/hispanic base….and none of them were in line to vote!

The buzz around the mid-terms is everywhere….grocery store, golf course, hair salon, neighborhood chats.  In all my years as an observer of the political scene, the enthusiasm is even greater than in 2008 when Obama was elected.  Middle America (those most adversely affected by the progressive agenda) are pissed off about the budget deficits, national debt, healthcare bill, financial regulations, and, mostly, JOBS!  The undercurrent is that the Obama administration focused on social issues (such as passing healthcare takeover) and failed miserably on the struggling economy.  It is no longer acceptable to “bash Bush” for the problems in the economy…the failed stimulus package put the economy squarely in the lap of the Democrats.

Also, the tone of the elections has turned decidedly negative as the Democrats have no message to bring to the voters.  They cannot stand on their record (in fact, many Democrats are distancing themselves from Obama); and have filled the airways with negative ads that show the overall frustration of the party!  The more negative they become, the more voters will be turned towards the alternative….the GOP!  Pundits like Olbermann have behaved disgracefully on their TV shows.  The smell of desperation fills the air!

Obama has chided the populus that we are  not thinking right because we are scared….that was not his plea in 2008 when all the enthusiasm was for him.  Now, we are not thinking straight!!!!  What an insult to America!

If Dick Morris is correct (and it looks more and more like he is), the GOP will win both the Senate and House.  If that happens, it will be really interesting how Obama’s team “spins” the outcome!  Will Obama move to the center?  Or will he continue his demogogery?  I  don’t think Obama has any desire to move to the center;  he will continue to push his agenda…perhaps with a hostile “lame duck” session before Pelosi and Reid are booted out of their leadership positions.

It is really getting interesting, folks!!

2010…Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!


4 responses to “Will the Landslide bring him down?

  1. Obamagoguerie, that is. The answer is that he will do anything to retain power, even if it means moving to the center, just as Clinton did (he signed the Defense of Marriage Act and declared the era of big government to be over, etc.).
    But no one will buy it, and mark my words, Hillary will resign as Secretary of State, take some “personal time” and then declare that she will challenge the Manchurian for the nomination. That bloodbath will be a joy.

  2. Sasco…I wonder if he is too much of an idealogue to swing to the center. Some believe that he is a committed socialist that is a mere puppet for Soros, Ayers, etc…..all bent on destroying the America that most of us love. He probably sees himself as a martyr for his “cause” and his handlers will pull the strings as he dances to their tune! Voter turn-out in these mid-terms elections will determine the course for this country for the next decade. Unless Obama is defeated in 2012, America is in BIG trouble.

  3. There is no doubt that the Manchurian is a committed socialist, that he hates America, and that he seeks a fascist regime. But he is also patient, and might commit the fraud of appearing to be centrist in hopes that he wins reelection (god forbid) so that he can carry out the rest of his mission, which is this:


  4. Obama will say or do anything to retain his power, even if that means lying to the american people for anyother two years, this time pretending he can move to the middle. But if he gets re-elected, mark my words, he will show his true colors by pushing his far left agendas down our throats once again. He will have nothing to loose at this point and will be more dangerous than before. Lets hope the american people see through his games and vote him out no matter what he pretends to be.

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