“Not a fan”…Dirty Harry

In a recent interview, Clint Eastwood, Hollywood icon extraordinaire, was asked by Katie Couric what he thought of President Obama.  In typical Eastwood fashion his answer was short and sweet:  “Not a fan.”  I don’t know how Clint voted in 2008, but I suspect he voted for Obama since he made some not-so-nice comments about Bush prior to the election.

So, is Clint one of the people who is willing to admit that he made a mistake if he cast his ballot for Obama?  One would expect that of an honest person like Eastwood.  I wonder how may people who voted for Obama in 2008 have the courage to admit that they have changed their minds? Or how many will hold on to their position just because they  are too weak to admit they  got fooled!

Come on! Make my day and on……

November 2….Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!


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