Obama Blasts GOP…Again and Again

As election day looms on the near horizon, President Obama continues to bombard the airways with negative comments about the GOP as he travels the country campaigning and fund-raising!  This pattern of bashing Republicans has been unrelenting since Obama started his stimulus package and the healthcare takeover.  I am sick of hearing the GOP is the party of “NO!”  Obama had the votes in Congress to do what he wanted!  Nevertheless, he has continually pounded the same negative message for 18 months.  Recently, he has dusted off the “car” methphor….put the car in “D” for Democrat, not “R” for Republican!  His latest is that the Republicans can ride in the car, but they have to sit “in the back!”   Can you imagine the media outcry if a Republican has suggested that Obama sit in the back!  The hypocrisy is unbelievable!

There is no doubt that the Republicans will sweep into control of the House next Tuesday.  One would think that Obama, realizing that he must work with the GOP, would be a little more politically savvy!  There has never been another president (in my life-time) that has spent as much time “campaigning” as Obama.  He is on TV everyday….speechs everywhere….relentlessly pounding the GOP everyday.  He was voted into office to “govern;”  he has not!  The economy is a mess…and Obama focused on social justice and big government! Does the ideologue have a clue?  Is he so politically stupid that he is willing to sacrifice any chance for progress by completely alienating the people that he must work with to move the country forward!  I guess that is what ideologues do!  Ignore the facts….just forge ahead!

Please get out and vote next Tuesday!  I hope you vote a straight Republican ticket wherever you live….a clear message must be sent!  But please vote!



One response to “Obama Blasts GOP…Again and Again

  1. Bob, your logic is so straight and clear that I plan to vote a straight Republican ticket and can barely contain myself until November 2. The change we got in Obama is not what I think most people were thinking we would get. Jobs and economic recovery is what we need and Obama does not have a clue how to get this country moving and producing again. People are willing to work, they just need a JOB.

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