Oh, Joy (Behar)!

The election in Nevada, like many others in the country, has attracted the attention of all kinds of media pundits, talk-show hosts, late night comedians, and, of course, the ladies of  “The View.”  Last week Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walked off the show when Bill O’Reilly’s comment about Muslim terrorists offended their sensibilities!  Now, Joy has brought more attention to the show by calling Sharron Angle (Nevada Senate candidate) a “bitch” on air on Monday!  Nobody really cares  what this left-wing progressive says; but her tone is definitely inappropriate for a supposedly, serious venue.  Angle responded by sending Behar a flower arrangement with a note expressing her thanks to Behar for helping her raise $150,000 in online contributions immediately after the insulting comment.  A very smart move by a savvy candidate.  She did not get sucked into Behar’s spiral of venom….Angle took the high road and will probably beat Reid soundly next Tuesday!

The broader question is:  Why is the dialogue so vicious and negative in this election?  The depths to which both sides have sunk is indicative of just how angry the country is.  The right is angry because the left has pushed a progressive agenda down their throats!  The left is angry because the right has pushed back!  And, the voters in the center are angry because nothing is getting done.   The country is terribly divided along ideological lines (thanks to Obama’s social justice agenda) and everyone is pissed off!

But, I digress….back to Behar!  Joy has forgotten that the following terms and phrases have been used to describe the Republicans in the past 18 months by progressives and Obama:  Hard-wired not to always think clearly; panicky and confused; bitter people; easily swayed dolts; Tea Party nut cases; gone to the extreme; selling anger and fear like Hitler; myriad of wackos; etc.  There are others that I could cite, but the point is made!  Now, Behar has added “bitch” just because she doesn’t like Angle’s politics! (Maybe Behar thinks her “shock talk” tactics will increase the pathetic ratings on her night-time talk show.)

Frankly, I will be glad when the election is over and the  Congress can, hopefully, come together and compromise on solutions that will move America forward!  However, the partisan, underhanded, and belligerent manner in which Obama, Reid, & Pelosi have pushed their social agenda will, undoubtedly, have some lingering animosity. 

Nevertheless, there will me no JOY in the Behar household after Tuesday’s election results!  Have a nice day, Joy!!!!!!!!!


2 responses to “Oh, Joy (Behar)!

  1. Takes one to know one!

  2. That’s Senator Bitch to you, Ms. Behar.

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