The Slick Man

The slick man appeared out of the mist almost without warning.

His wagon was pulled by a pair of gleaming chargers.

His face painted with the perfect smile.

His tongue speaking all the right words.

And he offered a new vision.

 It was a period of hard times and some regrets for the town folk.

He spoke wherever town folk gathered.

And he spoke of doing things a different way.  A new approach.

The tenured elders would be cast aside to make a place for him.

                The slick man comes to be with you,

                Your personal savior and protector, too!

A chameleon of sorts.  A shape-shifter able to be different things to different people.

Transformative, some would proclaim; a purveyor of hope and change.

The right man to undue the wrongs of the past; and ensure equality for everyone.

And, the stumping began;  and the people reveled in the words spoken and the promises made.

And, the older appointed ones were thrown out of the village, seeking refuge in the nearby forest.

                There was much celebration and many tears,

                Prayers were answered among all the cheers!

The slick man surrounded himself with like-minded followers, long on theory and short on experience.

Proclamations were made, parties were held, and people danced in the streets.

Until the skies began to churn with a furious energy that turned the town folks heads.

Almost without warning, their belongings were torn asunder.

Now with their backs bent against the storms, they looked to the slick one to lead.

The slick man took heed and spoke more.  And more.

But the rhetoric did not change the conditions.

And the town folk began to murmur amongst themselves.

                Was the slick man really the one?

                Can any of this be undone?

And the town became divided.  Some one way, others another.

There was much discontent and turmoil.

And, from the forest, the banished old ones began to come from hiding.

And, they began to speak to the occasional wanderer.

The occasional wanderer brought friends and associates.

The word spread and the gatherings began to swell as a new message began to emerge.

Were things really that bad before the slick one came to town?

Had the folks been tricked by a smooth-talking visitor?

                Listen carefully to what is spoken to you,

                The words of others may not apply or be true.

So, the whole town gathered to debate their circumstances.

Many spoke and many paid attention.

And, when the gathering was over, the town decided.

The slick man and his words would not be the rule of the day.

The town chose to put boundaries around the slick man.

To limit the influence of the slick man.

And the town sat back to watch what the slick man would do.

The town had re-learned an important lesson.

                Pay close attention to what you are told.

                A bill of goods can be easily sold.


One response to “The Slick Man

  1. Beautifully expressed and all it says is very true. America has been sold a liberal, progressive direction that will end free-enterprise, freedom and opportunity as we have known it if it is allowed to continue. Maybe tomorrow’s election will change that direction. Without doubt, vote them tomorrow.

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