Lunch with Old, Married Folks

Today, Jane and I went shopping (goodie,  goodie) and mid-afternoon stopped by a local restaurant to enjoy lunch before heading home!  There was an elderly couple seated at the table next to us. I would guess that the gentleman was in his mid- to late-80’s and the lady was about the same.  Both were dressed to the nines.  He had a neatly pressed oxford shirt and light brown slacks…with his belt buckle securely notched on his sternum (about where you would expect his heart to be).  She had on a blouse, covered with a dark sweater, and matching dark slacks; and every hair was in perfect position.  It would have taken a category one hurricane to move her coiffed hairdo.  And, of course, her jewelry accessorized her outfit.  They were the epitome of a settled couple that had been together for 60+ years.  I imagine that they probably married in their early 20’s and had spent their entire lives together. 

The gentleman wore a hearing aid of substantial size in his ear;  and had little to say.  He mostly grunted as she chatted on and on and on.  Finally, she commented, “Why don’t you ever talk to me?  You talk when others are around, but you never talk to me!”  She fixed a glare on him that I thought would drop him into his plate of lasagna!  After an awkward silence, he muttered something to her in between bites of his lunch.  Almost, immediately, she turned her glare into a smile and, having finally gotten the old man’s attention, she seemed to be back to normal….chatting away while he grunted responses to her.  Jane and I looked at each other, shared our thoughts telepathically, and carried on our conversation. 

On the way home, we talked about the old couple.  And, I concluded that, like most men, he did not have a lot to say.  And, probably, was thinking (to himself), “Damn, Lady, we have been married for 60 friggin’ years!  There is nothing else to say!”

Let’s hope that you and your significant other never reach the point where there is nothing left to say!  I am sure it will not happen to Jane and me.  And, Jane promises to never let me leave the house with a belt buckle positioned above my navel!  Bon appetite!


2 responses to “Lunch with Old, Married Folks

  1. Bob, the longer my husband and I are together, the more we realize we have lots to say and enjoy saying it to one another or to anyone else who will listen. …especially about the good old days….the greatest generation…..the generation X…generation Y…..whatever generation is coming along now. The world changes enough each decade to keep things interesting and lively. My husband’s greatest threat with the belt buckle is that it will hit him in the head at some point when we do not agree…….

  2. Older people have a lot to contribute to society. The experience of age is a valuable resource…if used. Unfortunately, in America’s culture, the wisedom of the elders is often ignored by the arrogance of youth. Regarding belt buckles and knot on heads…..I have learned just how far I can go before Jane is ready to punch me….I’ll bet your hubby has learned, too!

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