Obama’s Post-Election Press Conference

“Obama just does not get it!”  That was the sentiment expressed on two news channels at the conclusion of his news conference on Wednesday.  Personally, I think he is shell shocked from the “shellacking” the Democrats took Tuesday evening.  I don’t think he has absorbed the new reality that he will face.  He seemed a little flat in his opening remarks; even though, he tried to seem humbled by the results.  To me, he failed to grasp that the election was a referendum on his presidency.  He tried desperately to tie the defeat to “jobs” and the economy.  That was his recurring theme to justify the election.  He did not mention healthcare or immigration; everything was about the economy!  His advisors obviously drilled him that his path of least resistance was to focus on the plight of the American worker. But, he could not dodge the questions from the press corp!  Still, he tried to turn all answers towards “jobs” until it became clear his strategy was not going to work.

Finally, he acknowledged that the healthcare legislative process was “ugly;” and he took responsibility for using ear-marks to get the bill passed.  At that point, he talked about America being full of “good and decent” people…trying to deflect away from the issues.   He called the stimulus and bail-outs “emergencies” and claimed that big government was not his style.  In the end, I found his contriteness not believable; and he gave me no reason to be optimistic that he will moderate his agenda.  The presidency is not a good place for “on-the-job” training….and that is what America is doing for Obama!


2 responses to “Obama’s Post-Election Press Conference

  1. Obama was so uncomfortable before the press, I almost felt sorry for him! Then I came to my senses and remembered that his objective to ruin America has been thwarted by sane people! I hope Boehner is up to the job…his tearful speech did not inspire me! Buck up, John!

  2. Piddle2u, I agree with you on Obama being uncomfortable before the press. I did not feel sorry for him but was happy to see some of his arrogance toned down a bit. The American people sure said loud and clear “STOP” with all the spending and irresponsible behavior in DC on November 2. We will wait to see if the ‘DC Czars’ can be stopped. Obama is a great actor. What he says and what he does are always different. I do not believe one word he said in his press conference, yesterday. He is not a President to be trusted.

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