Rachael & Keith – Bad Losers!!

Watching Rachael Maddow and Keith Olbermann as the election results came in was one of the delights of my night.  They are the most obnoxious personalities on TV…in my opinion…and to listen to the frustration in their voices gave me great pleasure as I sipped my vodka and tonic! I understand that TV networks have their own bias; but I cannot stand the pundits who are condescending  to the point of insulting others’ intellect.  Maddow and Olbermann go well beyond being devoted to their cause; they come off as intellectual snobs that have total disregard for anyone’s opinion that is different from their own.   Both are sharp-tongued cynics that rely on insult, not intellect, to make their twisted points. (And just to be fair, I include Rush Limbaugh in the same category.)

Also include Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Matthews to the list of  so-called “journalists” who brought me joy on election night. (BTW….How are you doing, Ms. Behar??)  The foursome was angry, belligerent, and testy in their interviews.  And, as the night progressed, their humor soured more and more.  Guys, welcome to my world of two years ago when Obamamania swept into control of America!!!


2 responses to “Rachael & Keith – Bad Losers!!

  1. Am surprised you watch these pompus asses! MSNBC is a joke! Their panal had ZERO republican guests! What are they thinking? I know they all hated election night! Yippee!

  2. Piddle…I only watch to remind myself just how far left the mainstream media really is! FOX is, admittedly, pro-right; but,they consistently have moderates and progressives to debate the issues. That is why their ratings are so much higher than the other cable networks. You would think MSNBC would get the message. Instead, they give us Spitzer!!!!!!

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