REPUDIATION – America has spoken!

Finally, Americans have awakened from the trance that Obama, the shape-shifter, put us in during the 2008 elections!  After all of his campaigning (instead of doing his job – governing for all the people), the public has voiced its discontent with the left-wing, progressive agenda that sweep Obama into office two years ago.  The public-at-large does not like socialized medicine, government waste, big government, bailouts, higher taxes,  huge deficits, and spiraling national debt!

Obama, Pelosi, & Reid spent two years pushing their “social justice” and re-distribution of wealth programs while ignoring the economic issues that have pushed the unemployment rate to nearly 10%…and the underemployment rate to 18%.  They sacrificed the general interest for an entitlement agenda…and they have paid the price.  The repudiation from voters across America was widespread and affected moderate and left Democrat incumbents.  Notice has been served to the balance of the Democratic office holders!

The House races were no surprise and the Republicans easily won the majority.  Look for Boehner and Obama to have frequent meetings in the next 2 years. However, the wave in the House did not carry over to the Senate.  Early key losses in Delaware, Connecticut, and West Virginia sealed the deal for the Democrats to hold the leadership in the Senate.  Poor candidates in Delaware and Connecticut put the Republicans on a slippery slope…..and they fell!  How do you choose between a person that lied about his military record versus an executive whose company’s product is based on deception? 

The election in 2008 was about personality and electing the first black president.  This year the election is about policy and governance!  A referendum on Obama and his policies.  Americans  expressed the anger and fear that has grown over the past 18 months of a progressive agenda.  Government over-reach into the lives of citizens and economic concern were the focal points this year.  And, Obama’s administration got it wrong!

Now that the Republicans’ position in Congress is strengthened, they will be required to sponsor legislation that mirrors the mood of the public will.  And, they will have to assimilate the philosophies of the successful Tea Party winners.  If they expect to continue to solidify their gains in 2012, they must present a unified conservative front.  Make Obama veto legislation that is contrary to the public will!  Make efforts to minimize the damage done with healthcare reform, financial regulations, and pursue programs that will help the economy.  If the unemployment rate falls to 6% or below by 2012, the Republicans should sweep into the White House…..providing they can find a candidate (other than Sarah Palin) that can fog the mirror!  The Republicans have caught the bus….now, the question is: What are they going to do with it?

Unless the Republicans use their political advantage wisely, they will be aiding Obama in his re-election in 2012.  If they do not offer constructive, common sense ideas and sell them to the public, Obama will have an important stump to shout from in two years.

While historic, I wish the margin of victory had been larger.  I was correct in my predictions on the Senate…but, underestimated the Republican rout in the House. Furthermore, Republican governors now litter the landscape……and that spells big trouble for Democrats after re-districting next year.  

The battle has just begun!  If we can survive the “lame duck” session, the new Congress must pay attention to the populus.  If not, then expect more divisive campaigning in 2012…when ALL of the House and about one-third of the Senate will be up for grabs again.  Finally, if Obama does not move to the center, he has no chance for re-election.   America has had enough of the progressive agenda!  Is Obama an ideologue?  Or a pragmatist?  We will soon find out!

For historical purposes, here is a  picture of the terrific threesome during happier times. 

NOTE to Joe Biden:  “This IS a big (expletive deleted) deal!

Your vote counted….remember to vote again in 2012!

P.S.  I wonder what Hillary is thinking right now!?!?


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