Who is laughing now?

Hey, John and Steven….think it is still funny?  After the results of Tuesday’s election, how is that progressive, “shove-it-up-their-butt” thing working out for you? You guys wrap yourselves in the American flag; but, only to push a far-left agenda!  Sure…you appeal to the naive youth, minorities, and the hard-core progressives of this country; but, one day most will wake up to the consequences of big, controlling government and become the new conservatives!  When the youth of the nation start to pay taxes and break away from the spell that the academia wizards put on them, they will experience the real world.  As they mature, they will wonder how they could have been fooled so easily.


4 responses to “Who is laughing now?

  1. Bob, I hope you are correct that the naive young will wake up one day and become conservative, however, I believe many will not. Steve and Jon have found a way to earn an excellent living in what they do and probably believe to some extent what they say,but certainly, they exploit their audiences and cater to them for the fame and money. Fame and money give people like Steve and Jon a feeling of being above the crowd with enough power not to be subject to the same rules as the rest of society. They both disgrace real freedom showing it no respect or dignity or gratitude. Can you imagine people like that without freedom? Can you imagine what our forefathers would think of them and the disrespect they pour into our airwaves? Can you imagine depending on either of them during a real crisis? Can you imagine either of them defending our country and our freedom with their lives? They are pitiful examples of people and it is a shame they have access to young naive people.

    • “disrespect they pour into our airwaves”!? What…as opposed to the love filled rhetoric spewed by BECK, RUSH, HANNITY and their ilk? And if you feel people such as these are advocating for ordinary “folks”, who is the naive one?

  2. Atlantic….good summation! They are hypocrites at the least. They do have influence…and they use it!

  3. Don, you seemed to have missed the point of what was communicated. I was talking about freedom to seek opportunites that this great country has offered to its people. Taking care of ordinary folks was not the subject. I think most ordinary folks do a great job of taking care of themselves when given the opportunity. Our history speaks for itself and I sure see a hell of a lot of people from other countries knocking down our doors to get here just for the opportunities. I sure don’t see that happening in any other country. Take away our way of governing and you will take away the greatness of this country.

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