European Riots Coming To America? – Update

Update:  Now riots are happening in the streets of London; and Portugal is headed deeper into financial ruin.  Look for more tension in Europe as their governments try to adjust their budgets to offset the socialist form of government that has taken over.  If America does not get a grip on federal spending soon, these outbursts will fill the streets here, too!

Today, riots in Spain, Italy, & Belgium spilled into the streets as Europeans protest the cuts in government pensions, salaries, benefits, and social programs.  If you recall, Greece was the opening salvo when their government was forced to make drastic changes because the country was virtually bankrupt. 

Western European countries have gigantic national debt due to their socialist programs that have become a cancer on their economies.  And, now it is time to pay the debts that have been accumulated by irresponsible government spending as their government workforces grew unabated.  Reductions in wages and benefits, extended retirement age, employee cuts, and  curtailment of entitlement programs has become the only solution to sustain their status among the world’s economies.

Why is this a “teachable moment” for America?  This is where America is headed under the socialist, progressive agenda of President Obama and the Democratic party.  Massive budget deficits, huge national debt, and increasing federal employees are a prescription for disaster.  The problems in Western Europe are clear warnings that must be heeded.  The Obama agenda to fundamentally change America is an experiment that has already failed in most of the European Union countries.  Why does he persist in this course of action?

If you care about America, get out and vote in November!  Vote for candidates that will pledge a balanced budget!  Vote for candidates that will reduce the size of government!  Vote for reduction of entitlement programs!  Vote for what America used to stand for!

I blogged about this topic on May 5 (see”Greece Today….America Tomorrow“) because the warning was clear then, too!  Some hard decisions have to be made to keep America from tilting farther to the left.  Europe has demonstrated that they cannot afford “socialist programs!”  The results are already in:  Obama’s agenda has been tried…and has failed!

2010….Without Doubt, Vote Them Out!


4 responses to “European Riots Coming To America? – Update

  1. So many warnings during the 2008 election were ignored! Can America be stupid enough to ignore the warnings again? This problem is Europe is scary. Ireland and Portugal are also in big trouble and must drastically cut spending. That is what happens when socialism gets out of control.

  2. The fact that our President and controlling politicians are spending out of control seems to be ignored by many; but, hopefully, many are not ignoring, like Bob. I think the November election will tell us if we have a chance to get America under financial control and with it, a new direction of freedom versus socialism, jobs versus unemployment and opportunity versus control. Change is not always good when it is sold strictly as “Change” without any definition of what that change will be.

  3. Another thing that bothers me is the “blame Bush” game. The car has a flat tire… you standby and talk about who put the nails in the street OR do you get on with changing the tire and get back on the road. Obama does not “govern,” he “campaigns!” Until we get some leaders that have practical experience in “managing” a country, we are in big trouble. America is not a fictional graduate school project….it is real life!

  4. Once all of this start, the news media will report that tea party people are causing all of it. The news media is playing a dangerous game by not telling the truth becuase once civil unrest and civil wars breaks out in america, it will be bloodier than our first civil war. and islam will prevail

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