The Face of Terrorism in America

News Flash !!  Another middle-aged white guy was arrested for plotting to carry out a car bomb attack in America…..Oops, sorry, I got that one wrong!  It was a Somali-born teenager named Mohamed Osman Mohamud….a naturalized US citizen, too!  Mohamed yelled, “Alahu Akhkbar,” as the authorities arrested him. He was attempting detonate a car bomb in downtown Portland, OR., at a crowded Christmas tree lighting ceremony on Friday.  He actually dialed the cell phone that was supposed to blow up he car, but, the charges  that had been sold to him by federal agents were duds.

We have to credit the intelligence community for identifying this nut-case; but I wonder how many other “Mohamed’s” are out there plotting jihad against America that we don’t know about.  And, let’s do a recent review of potential incidents.  In  May, Faisal Shazhad, another naturalized citizen from Pakistan, tried to set off a car bomb in Times Square.  His incompetence prevented a disaster….but authorities had no prior knowledge of his plans!  We were lucky! Last month, Pakistan-born Farooque Ahmed, 34, was accused of casing the Washington subway system.  Also last month, a Hawaii man was arrested for planning to attend terrorist training in Pakistan.  Finally, in August, a Virginia man was arrested for trying to leave the country to fight with al-Qaida affiliated groups in Somalia.

Going back to the original World Trade Center bombing in 1993, ALL of the perpetrators of jihad on American soil have been Muslin males.  Come  on, America, let’s get a grip on the real enemy!

Could we please back off of patting down Granny at the airport?   Shut the borders down!  And institute more effective controls on who enters this country!  Yes……let’s Profile for Terrorism!


4 responses to “The Face of Terrorism in America

  1. Looks kind of like a girl….don’t you think?

  2. Profiling is common sense in many instances. If I was looking for a pregnant woman, I would not have to pat down every third person coming through the line hopeing I would find one. It makes me wonder how the American people think if they continue to allow USA’s security programs to grow out of contrul due to lack of profiling to some extent. We will be able to protect ourselves only if we create security programs that work. So far, we have been luckier than we have been smart. It is time to use our intelligence and think more strategicly. We need ideas from many citizens to help with this issue. Our very lives depend on it. Step up to the plate citizens and give ideas and complaints about what is happening in this area. Bob is giving us reasons to think about this. Sas256Q, you are right, it does look like a girl……but one that should and would be Profiled under a good profiling program.

  3. Thanks to a tip from a member of the mosque this guy attended periodically the FBI thwarted another terrorist plot on our soil. Vigilance is our only defense against motivated fanatics.

    It is noteworthy that the local officials in Portland voted not to cooperate with Federal officials when Bush was President. This was done in protest of Bush’s anti-terrorism policies which are now being followed by the Obama Administration.

    It is my understanding that the near miss by Mr. Mohamud has these same officials rethinking their position. Apparently a failed car bomb incident in their own backyard and a Democrat President are all it takes to get the support of liberal council members for aggressive anti-terorism measures. All politics is local, afterall.

  4. Freddy….This may be the FIRST example of a Muslim taking action to avert an attack. If the Muslim leaders has the grit to stand against the radicals, the problem could be easier to manage. Hopefully, this will encourage Muslims that claim to be peace-loving to be more pro-active! But, I doubt it!!

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