Between a Barack and a Hard Place

Obama has put himself in a no-win situation with the policies that he and his left wing handlers brought to the White House.  Healthcare is a disaster (even the budget deficit commission panned the program), the war in Afghanistan is going badly, unemployment is 9.8% (under-employment is approaching 20%), and the outlook for any bi-partisan compromise is bleak!  Obama is looking like another Jimmy Carter (only worse) and seems destined to be, almost certainly, a one-term flop!  The November mid-terms were only the tip of the iceberg that the USS Obama hit….and the life boats are out as the ship takes on more and more water!!!

Now his political base is eating him alive for his compromise with the GOP to extend the Bush Tax Cuts!  Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) is having a hissy-fit!!  Sounds like someone needs to add more fiber to their diet!!  Bernie is threatening to filibuster the compromise….boo hoo, Bernie!  Finally, Obama has had to face the music and deal with the failing economy!    If he had been more diligent on the economy instead of wasting a year ramming unpopular healthcare through the Congress, maybe the unemployment rate would not be threatening 10%.  But, no, Obama was determined to pay back the voters that put him in office with the ultimate entitlement….socialized medicine!  They lied about the numbers and lied about the effects!  And, now the Democrats expect the public to forgive and forget.  Well, I got some news for the liberal left…..the November mid-terms were only a good start!  In 2012, the GOP will roll into the Senate and the White House.  You, Progressives, had your opportunity….and you blew it!

As proof Obama still does not get  it, when announcing the “compromise” on tax cuts, extension of unemployment, etc., he never ONCE mentioned the GOP leadership.  I suppose he was required to pander to his political base; nevertheless, it was bad form (and politics) not to toss a bone to the opposition.

As I think back to the past 20 months, the list of Obama’s unfulfilled promises and/or disappointments just grows and grows.  To mention just a few:  Closing Guantanamo;  Stimulus packages; his world “Apology” Tour; Handling of the BP Spill; Cap & Trade; the Public Option; DOJ suit against the AZ Immigration Law; CZARS everywhere; denial of American “Exceptionalism”; HUGE budget deficits; etc., etc.  It is easy to forget his past blunders as we struggle with the issues of the day! And, undoubtedly, the list will continue to grow if Obama does not take a hard right swing towards governing from the middle!

Of course, when or if, he swings to the middle, his progressive left will become more and more angry.  But, since they represent 20% or less of the American population, why not move towards governing from the middle?  Certainly, pushing the agenda of Soros, et al., is not working for him.

Obama is in a tough spot….but, I have no sympathy for him.  He is there of his own choosing!  A smarter politician would have never gotten himself into this predicament.  Of course, he never really had any experience in governing.  His only credentials were those of a junior senator with no real experience in managing anything.  I hope the voters realize what a mistake they made in 2008; and pray that they never make the same mistake again.  Neither a left-wing progressive nor a hard right conservative should be running the greatest country in the world!  Lesson learned….let’s hope so!!!


4 responses to “Between a Barack and a Hard Place

  1. Obama has lost the confidence of the people. The right never accepted Obama as a qualified candidate for the Presidency. The left is increasingly disillusioned with Obama’s performance in office. The difference is that those of us on the right do not have to defend our vote for Obama.

    I routinely watch a few minutes (all I can stand) of Hardball with Chris Matthews. I consider this opposition research. Lately Matthews, an unabashed liberal, is getting more and more twisted around the axle over the fortunes of the Democrats and Obama. He doubts that Obama will face a primary challenge but he has begun to acknowledge the possibility.

    I’ve long contended that Obama will face a primary challenge. I could be wrong. I now think he may pull an LBJ and signal his unwillingness to run for reelection. Obama will not risk losing. Obama’s ego could not stand such rejection. Conditions leading up to the primaries will tell the tale.

    The combination of disappointment on the left and almost total rejection on the right places Obama in a very tough spot. Hopefully the electorate now accepts the fact the position of POTUS is no job for on-the-job training. Forty-seven per cent of us already knew this. I suspect this percentage is now much higher.

  2. So, Freddy, which Democrat would have the nerve to challenge the left? I agree completely with your assessment of Obama’s performance, but, the Democrats would have to eat lots of crow if Obama doesn’t run. That would be an open admission that they sponsored the wrong person in the first place. Of course, if McCain could have fogged the mirror, Obama would have never been elected!

  3. Freddy, it is interesting how the left has turned on Obama. And, I love watching them fret over what is going on. They have not accepted the mid-terms yet….and don’t like not getting their way. They didn’t mind shoving it to the GOP for the past 20 months! HOWEVER, what really pisses me off about the progressive left is that they treat the rest of us as being STUPID! These elitist jerks think they know everything!! A few examples: Olbermann, Mr. Ed, Lawrence, Pelosi, Soros, etc.

  4. Meg269,

    If a challenge to Obama emerges, it will be because his base has determined that he is “un-reelectable”. Under those circumstances there are several viable challengers. I suspect Bayh (Indiana), Dean (Vermont), and Feingold (Wisconsin) might like to have a shot at the Democrat nomination. Clinton (wherever he behooves her to be from at the time) says she isn’t interested in running for public office again. Of course, she also said just wanted to serve the people of New York; she did not know anything about Monica (or Jennifer or fill in the blank). This morning alone I’ve read three artilces written by liberal pundits alluding to a potential challenge to Obama in the Democrat primarites of 2012.

    I too held my nose when I voted for McCain. I’m guessing many leftists will not want to follow our lead and nominate a person who is almost certainly going to lose. Voting with your heart is great as long as your candidate wins.

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