Now YOU should be REALLY Pissed Off!

Today, the Pelosi-led Democratic Caucus refused to support the tax bill compromise that Obama struck with the GOP.  What a bunch of cry-babies!  And decided to take a 4 day week-end from the business of the country!  Where the hell is going on!  The Caucus has done nothing but pander to their left-wing, progressive fanatics!  If I was McConnell and Boehner, I would call a joint press conference and announce that until the Tax Package is passed, NOTHING gets through the Congress!  The Democrats failed to address the issue before the election because they knew it was a loser for them.  Now that the election is over and Nancy is on the way out of leadership, she is acting a spoiled brat and is using the “lame duck” session to punish Americans. Get over it, Nancy!  Your social program agenda was repudiated at the ballot box last month.    And, guess what, Nancy, I hope you succeed in keeping the compromise from being approved.  I hope that on January 1, EVERYBODY in America has a tax increase!  Then, the GOP can ride in on their white chargers and pass a tax extension through the House easily; and the Senate will follow suit.  Oh, yeah, a couple of more points, Nancy, in January, there will be NO EXTENSION of unemployment benefits, NO “green” tax credits, and the death tax will have a high exemption and a low rate!  The progressives are being STUPID and sealing their fate in 2012!  America will not forget!

So, Nancy…..MAKE MY DAY!  Try to exact your revenge and anger on the American public!  You and your followers will pay dearly at the polls!  Democrats  are being foolish….and are behaving in a disgraceful way!

And…..why does this country’s leadership seem to be against the MAJORITY and so enthralled in dealing with the issues of so-called “disadvantaged” and special interest groups!  If you are black, you are catered to!  If you are Hispanic, you are catered to!  If you are gay, you are catered to!  If you are George Soros, you are catered to!  If you are  Muslim, you are catered to! If you are a left-wing fanatic, you are catered to!  When will our country take a stand and say enough is enough!   Political correctness is almost as out of control as the budget deficit!

Yes,  there have been injustices in the past….and there will be in the future, too!  But, we cannot spend all of our time trying to fix every one of them.  And what about the rights of the majority?  Every disadvantaged group looks to others to make it right for them.  The majority opinion on healthcare was ignored!   The majority view on tax extension is being ignored.  These politicians should remember who put them in office!!!!!

Come on GOP, show some balls and stand up!  No more failed compromises!  Screw ’em!!!  Fix it in January!!!!!!!! There, I feel a little better now that I have acted like Olbermann and vented with my rant!!

P.S. Even at the highest emotional period in the healthcare debate, I never heard a Republican say, “F#$k the President!” But one of the House Democrats uttered that phrase today!   Ah, sweet justice!  The Dems are eating their own!!


2 responses to “Now YOU should be REALLY Pissed Off!

  1. Bob, Bob, Bob. Take a chill pill. The Democrats are showing out for their base. They know full well they cannot afford to let taxes go up. This would leave a very wide opening for the new GOP House to ride in on their white horses and save the day early in 2011.

    Pelosi got rolled and she knows it. Obama has scurried to land on the inevitable high ground which is continuation of the current tax rates. Pelosi and the far left Dem’s who survived the carnage of November 2 now realize how powerless they will be to push leftist legislation after the end of the year.

    Over in the Senate Reid faces a similar fate. However, he can still keep bills from coming to the floor. I suspect many of the twenty-three Democrat senators up for reelection in 2012 may be a bit more pliable in 2011. Snowe and Collins can no longer enable the Dem’s. Manchin of West Virginia owes his seat to running as virtually a GOPer. Nelson of Nebraska is on life support after supporting the Obamacare bill. Lieberman can’t win in Connecticut again as an independent.

    The Dem’s have to deal and deal now. Who cares if they hold their breath for awhile. They have a fork in them. They are done…at least for now. Lets sit back, scarf some pop corn and enjoy the show.

  2. Freddy…I just had a vodka and a tiny bit of tonic, so my mood has significantly improved! But, the system is out of whack! Too many people failing to have the overall country’s best interest in mind. Serious issues face the US…there is no time for posturing and pandering. The debt, immigration, the economy, and terrorism should be front burner items. All the other crap is just that….crap! Get to real work congress!

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